Large or Small Family Essay

As we all know, nowadays in many countries, families tend to have fewer members than in the past.

However, many people think that large families are better than small ones. Thus, this essay will write about the advantages and disadvantages of a large family. I think the greatest benefit of a big family is people can help each other.

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For example, in the free time, the elder brother can teach his younger sister how to do her homework, housework or the grandparent can share their own experiences to their children.Besides, having a lot of members in a family can often create a fun atmosphere. In fact, when you go back home with a sad mood, people in your family will ask about what you are sad, especially, your elder brother will tell jokes for you or do some stupid and funny things to make you smile again.

On the other hand, a large family has some disadvantages. Firstly, the gap generation is a big problem. Such as dressing, grandparent always want their children dress respectably but the grand-daughter still young, she wants to dress well and fashionable.Maybe that is one of the reasons make the conflict in the family.

In addition, the major disadvantage of a big family is economic issue. The parent- who earn money, have to pay more money for their children. In fact, some families can’t afford for their children to go to school, the elder brother have to leave school and find a job to earn money. In my opinion, a large family has more disadvantages than advantages.

It isn’t a good kind of a family until that family has well financial to bring up the children better.