Later/The Science in the Story Essay

Later/The Science in the Story(Analysis of the Story entitled “The Last Flight of Doctor Ain”)         The mystery of science cannot be known to other but to the people who devoted most of their life studying such cases, performing several experiments and analyzing a lot more studies. Science combined with fiction offers adrenaline rush and powerful thinking in the side of the readers and in this case, reading James Triptee’s story “The Last Flight of Doctor Ain” would offer intensified reactions and mind boggling reasons. In this story, the reasons of Doctor Ain were unknown but looking at a deeper perspective, it is understood that for the sake of science and for the love of that craft, Doctor Ain in hope that his discovery would soon be known to other will open studies on the virus he made.

Science in the Story         Although written as fiction, the story evolved in science and in the obsession towards that field. The reason of doctor Ain is not clear in the story but whatever his reasons are, he made us of science to destroy or to see the world dying while he continue to move all over the world spreading the disease he made. As he unravel the truth about the leukemia virus, it is already too late for others to stop it. There had been a massive outbreak already and the woman is dying. Everyone will die and the people will too.Doctor Ain and the Woman         The obsession he feels for the woman who we can determine as Mother Earth.Topic to be discussed: The Relevance of Science to the StoryCharacters to be Analyzed: Doctor Ain and the WomanPlot: it seems that Doctor Ain met a woman whoWorks CitedTiptree, James Jr. The Last Flight of Doctor Ain.

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