Latin America Essay

Independence movement in Latin America was simmering since the time that United States broke away from the Great Britain in 1776 and it begun in around 1810. This lead Spain’s Empire to crumble, and by 1825 what remained were a just a few islands in the Caribbean region. This passionate and violent era in the history of Latin America is fascinating and possesses great difference with the struggle of independence in United States in terms of cultural and political issues.

After the independence of United States, Latin America independence movements began in which they wanted to start a federal republic like the one in United States. Simon Bolivar of Utopia promoted the idea of United South America as the one in North America – mostly United States. United States movement did not receive a lot of external pressure like when compared to Latin America where such countries like Argentina received economic pressures from Britain.While in Mexico independence was sparked by Miguel Hidalgo who was a priest in Dolores, where he lead a revolution and was captured and executed, other priests who supported the movement included Jose Maria Morelos, but was also executed after various victories against the Spanish forces. At the end of the day Latin America won, this was after lack of commitment due to various developments in political scenarios in Spain, which lead to various defections of army leaders like Agustin de Iturbide, which resulted to the fall of Spanish rule.The Independence movement in Latin America was against mainly one colonialist; Spanish, while in the case of United States featured various colonialists; Spanish, French, and British. United States movement was nonviolent which mainly featured campaigns and resistance movement; this was a major difference between Latin America and United States political scenarios. The United States natives participated in demonstrations while those in Latin America assisted each other in physical and violent fighting in which it resulted in winning various wars.

The difference between the Latin America culture and the American culture is witnessed because each culture has certain and specific customs. In general, the idea of culture is well seen in terms of religion, which possesses different beliefs, and rituals in the way that they worship, hence different parts of the world or country have different cultures.  As depicted to the way in which Latin America and United States employed such tactics in reliving themselves from colonization.In United States leaders as Patrick Henry who was a lawyer in profession and won various cases that, involve the tobacco that were passed in London.

Their professional way in which various educated people contributed into winning back United States from the colonialists was different from that of Latin America. In Latin America, the native used violence, weapons, and most of them died in fighting for their country. Many religious and politically leaders died due to their relation with independence movement. People like Bolivar and Miguel who were executed due to their relations with such movements.

So many countries and nations had to use force to get back their freedom. They obtained motivation from countries that had closed ties with their colonial countries. Latin America was not left behind, but she copied United States even though used different ways in fighting for their freedom but all summed up as cultural and political ways in winning back their freedom.Work Cited.The Legacy of Mesoamerica` pgs 255-296