Latin American Underdevelopment Essay

Latin American Underdevelopment

Latin American also known as afro Latino are people of partial African ancestry, this may also refer to historical and cultural elements of Latin American that are thought to have emanated from this community. This may also refer to the intermixing of African and other cultures found in the Latin America such as religion, language, arts and other social activities. Latinos helps in making up Hispanic population along with the whites and meridians in the United States of America

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Latinos are estimated to be nearly 500 million people of 100 million are afro Latin American. African, Spanish and Portuguese arrived in the America in the15th and 16th centuries; example of this is Alonso Pedro who was the first among the many world explorers of African native and was a navigator in the 1942 Columbus expeditions. Majority of those who arrived from Africa were mostly as a result of slave trade.

Latin America has been known for under development, the countries under this region are categorized as third world countries. This has been contributed by the factors that I see to have long gone. Such factors include racism, political issues, and the feel of superiority of some communities in the region.

The feel of superiority by the European communities, that is, Spanish lead to low development, they justified their claim to be the able rulers of the region thereby denying others a chance to develop their region. Different names that were used to refer to different ethnic groups were one of the things that was retarding the development of the region, some groups were believed not to be good in some line of duties, for example a black could not be allowed to lead for was believed to be weak when it comes to mental work while was good in manual work. The intermarriage of the less advantaged races, Africans and red Indians, this brought their offspring at a greater disadvantage.

As in the side of modernization, I find Latin American facing similar problem as Africa is facing, the countries are facing lack of employment.

I believe there is no much difference between the Latin America and Africa, they are suffering the same fate, the current global shooting of oil prices has affected the region, food shortages and hiking of prices of nearly everything. The North America has taken advantage of the region by selling their products there while they buy little or nothing from this region.

After the world war, most of the countries were able to shoot up and others were left in a vast of underdevelopment, it seems some countries were associating themselves with the America or Russia, each country was determined to achieve through technology or even financial help to improve their economy.

Modernization has been the talk of the day in the Latin America, the technology in the region is far much behind compared to their counterparts north America, as the region tries to modernize, it has been a challenge because the Latin countries are poor and they are sailing in debts, poor economy which is growing at a very low rate, this has been retarding the growth in the countries. Though the first world countries are trying to improve the region, it has been sarcastic for the same countries have been funding the immigration of professionals from these countries, this has not helped this region in any way, I see it as just exposing these countries into more deeper problems, I argue this as no country can develop without professionals, the most affected areas are health, engineering and education fields.

The political issues are other things that are affecting the development of Latin America, so much concentration of many people fighting for leadership than what the leaders provide when they are elected to higher positions, some turn to be dictators omitting the practice of bureaucracy, this has brought about the underdevelopment in the region. If only democracy is practiced in the best and fare way, the countries that take advantage of these countries may not have a way to manipulate them; there would be no gap for them to get in to these countries.