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The Issue of Materialism.


            Materialism as defined in the Oxford
dictionary is a when people o a person has the tendency to consider material
possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.
People always seem to want more than they have, never settling for just what
they need. The beginning of materialism began when the British first sailed and
settled in the New World searching for an area of their own to escape religious
persecution, and new resources. As time went on and more people heard about the
New world and what it could offer them, people came in search of a new life,
full new possessions to acquire, thus, forcing the indigenous people off the
only land they and their ancestors knew and loved. This merciless version of
materialism was typical of the European immigrant’s attitude to the ‘New World’
of America. They saw it as nothing more than an abundance of, what they would
call, ‘unclaimed ‘resources to seize and only saw the native population as an
obstacle in the way of their way to untold riches. Today materialism is not
much different all people desire more and are willing to do almost anything
thing to have it.

In America it
materialistic desire stems from seeing someone have something better than what
you have encouraging you to believe that to have the newer thing is also the
better thing and proves that you live a better life than others, which is not
always the case. Individuals who are poor, and has been surrounded by the
beauty of wealth, were the most vulnerable to engaging in a comparison of life
with wealthier individuals. Then causing people to use their lower amount of
money and resources to obtain certain possessions in which represents having
money to spend that they really never had, which puts some hard-working Americans
into more financial instability than they were in before. Which makes sense
since Americans are usually
bombarded with images or constantly reminded of wealth, through social media, advertisements
and just seeing what the people around them have that they don’t. With such an
abundance of temptation, lower and middle-class people feel a need to spend
money they may not have to project an image of having such high living capabilities
that they don’t actually maintain.

Explaining and understanding the reason behind
the monster that is the issue of modern materialism is one not commonly discussed
because almost every person is materialistic and always in a state of wanting
more than someone else. Some theory’s state, was has basically become a part of
our known human nature which makes sense for the reason that is stated in
Darwin’s theory of evolution through Natural Selection, that species produce
far more offspring than can possible survive and since resources are limited,
the offspring must compete to survive. Other theory’s, such as the one
psychologist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi has suggested, is that dissatisfaction
keeps living beings on the lookout for ways of improving their lives.

The way in which I view materialism is that no
one can be happy having the same or not having the newest thing which creates a
disturbance inside us. This then triggers people to have negative thoughts of
not being good enough in society, creating a hole that we try to fill with the
temporary pleasure of purchasing something new, and the ego-inflating rush of
saying you have something that someone else doesn’t, we use this kind of
happiness to try to compensate the unhappiness, in which the constant desire
for more leaves inside us.