Lawyer and Potential Earnings Essay

The Career chosen for me on the site “careercruising. com” was a Lawyer. A lawyer is a person who practices studies in law; an attorney or a counselor. There are many types of lawyers, and the one that I have chosen is a criminal Lawyer. The reason why I approved of choosing this career is because ever since I was a boy, I always despised criminals. Growing up in the neighborhood that I was raised in, I’ve witnessed all sorts of things from robbery to violent activities. I grew up hearing stories where innocent people was murdered, where innocent people were blamed for others mistakes.

I want to help change the community’s for the better, it’s my goal to help put away criminals in prison. Therefore I believe this the perfect job for me. The working conditions would vary. According to research Lawyers do most of their work in offices, law libraries, and courtrooms. They sometimes meet in clients’ homes or places of business and, when necessary, in hospitals or prisons. They may travel to attend meetings, gather evidence, and appear before courts, and other authorities. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to a lawyer. Opportunities to help others, earning potential, work environment and etc. alaries can vary from 50,000$ to 250,000$ All lawyers have different salaries. Salaried lawyers usually have planned work schedules based on contracts or who they work for. Lawyers who are in private practice can work as much as hours while doing research, consulting with clients, or preparing briefs during nonofficial hours. Lawyers often work long hours, and of those who regularly work full time, about half work 50 hours or more per week. To become a lawyer you have to first graduate high school, go to law school and pass the bar examination.

All lawyers who trained to become a lawyer worked countless hours sacrificing sleep; a lot of memorizing is involved In conclusion, I believe that this is my dream profession. im not only motivated to become a lawyer for its potential earnings but also its personal and deeper meaning towards me, I understand the circumstances and sacrifices that I have to make in order to become a lawyer. I believe it’s all worth it in the end because of all the benefits such as potential earnings, work environment, satisfaction of helping other and etc. This is the type of profession that can secure my future in many ways.