Leader Ultimately it is up to each


Leader is someone who can empower and influence people’s mind
and thoughts and knows how to guide. Leadership is an expression of inner
strength and self-confidence. Leadership is not something anyone can learn from
a book, but he or she has to gain this skill through experiences. Your program provides
indispensable knowledge whether practical or through classes for acquiring the
abilities of a leader. Moreover, it assembles students from different parts of
the world and the significant benefit of the program is that each of us can get the
opportunity to network. A wide circle of new acquaintances, connections and involving
relationships will all tremendously help in the future. Additional point is
that the organization I choose to participate in will include a diverse group
of people — which means I will be faced with the same situation in the working
world. Observing how different individuals respond to certain situations and
react in specific circumstances will help me develop my skills in presenting
and implementing ideas. Joining this program and have a chance to be educated
here will help me to expand my professional horizon and better understand
people from various cultures. It is very important to me since I want to become
a leader and hopefully have my team of winners in the future.


On the other hand, leader’s personal qualities and skills
should not be the only point of concentration. The potential influence and
impact that they can have on those who follow them have to be priority.
Nowadays we face with a big number of conflicts in the world as well as in my
country particularly. The undoubtable characteristic of great leaders is an
ability to solve problems greatly. They take enterprising measures to avoid
conflict situations and address issues when they arise.  Unfortunately,
currently world today lacks leaders with solid morals and an integrity that
can’t be destroyed. Because of this many leaders are quite corruptible which
results in lack of credibility and consequently they not only miss out on
making a lasting impact on those they lead but also to solve conflicts in the
organizations, countries and the world as well. Ultimately it is up to each one
of us to be this kind of leader wherever we are.

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