Leadership Essay


Leadership is the ability to lead or influence others to achieve a mission or a goal, or direct an organization towards a particular objective.  This skill could be inherent but in most people, this is learned through constant studying, training and experience.

To be a good and effective leader is not simply about being on top of the ladder in the corporate world, or being the head of a project in class.  There is a difference between being the boss and just being bossy.  To be a boss or a leader in its truest form, you must be able to motivate your people to achieve the team’s objectives.  A good and effective leader has a group of people who are happy to do their work to the best of their abilities.  On the other hand, a bossy head will only succeed to make his people work and achieve a modicum of success.  The work will be done grudgingly.


Character is an attribute or attributes that distinguishes a person.  It could be good or bad, and strong or weak.  Character helps define a leader.  A good leader becomes one when he or she has a strong and honorable character.  This attribute does not develop overnight.  It needs time and experience to hone a person’s character.  Behavior indicates a person’s character, whether it’d be strong, weak, good, or bad.  An individual who has a strong persona is typically known to have drive, self-discipline, guts, and determination and energy.  This person knows what he wants and how to go about achieving it.  In this way, he attracts followers.  A person who’s weak in character is just the opposite.  He doesn’t know what he wants, can be pushed around and does not have consistency in his actions.  Naturally, this person will not attract followers and will have the tendency to be taken advantaged of.

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