Leadership Assessme Essay

While Lynn has the authority to make the final decision for the company she still values the input of the team members, peers and fellow employees of the capital. Anther leadership style that Lynn uses is the Transformational leadership style. I have noticed that in the short period of time that Lynn is a motivator. She is always motivating us and sharing her vision of the future with us. Lynn also communicates very effectively with us through weekly news reports or via emails. Lynn is very inspirational to our team as she expects the best from everyone.

Lynn shows self-awareness, empathy and humbleness. And lastly I feel that Lynn also uses a Servant leadership style as well. Lynn has showed our team how to lead by example. She has shown us integrity and generosity which creates a positive corporate culture that I think leads to a high morale with our team. The Henry Ford Health System’s organizational structure is what you would call the Matrix structure, which combines the elements of both the functional & divisional structure.

Within our company we have teams but we also have departments and divisions as well. For example: I work at the Henry Ford Health Systems West Bloomfield Hospital branch in the outpatient Radiology department under the Finance team. Where my supervisor also supervises employees in the Henry Ford Health System West Bloomfield hospital inpatient admitting department under the finance team as well. And my coworkers supervisor covers also the outpatient Radiology department but under the Clinical service team.

So here you can see how the company branches Off into many divisions with many different specialties. Henrys Fords vision is “Transforming lives and communities through health and wellness – one person at a time”. And Henry Ford Health System values are: Each patient first Respect for people High performance Learning and continuous improvement Social conscience My company’s approach to team development is building through geographical barriers, language barriers and cultural barriers. Which all help to enhance our relationship skills in the work place.

While evaluating the performance of my selected leader, I do believe that Lynn Terrorist has been very successful in motivating and empowering me to improve on my work performance through her showing good ethical conduct and effective communication. For example Lynn takes her leadership and drives support, and active participation in our hospital team. Lynn is continually persuading all employees to follow her in pursuing the Henry Ford Health System goals. She also not only guides and directs us employees but motivates, and inspires us as well.

Although Lynn has only been with our company for a little less than a year now, she has already improved the performance of groups and organizations. She has also got results like a highly improved Gallup score, ranked the highest in member satisfaction in Michigan and financial insurances. She continually shows her ethical conduct through encouraging employees to engage in the ethical induct to bring about several benefits for the company. The Three best practices that I feel organizational leaders can use to motivate employees are: 1.

To be proactive coaches. By helping their employees to develop the right skills to work efficiently. And helping with guidance and coaching. As well as helping them to get a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The benefits of proactive coaching will be efficient work/workers. As well as employee improvement. 2. Energize your team. By energize your team mean striving to bring passion and positive energy to the work place. This will benefit by having a healthy and happy work environment which makes for a positive work outcome. 3.

Putting your people first. A company is as good as its employees. A company needs its employees to keep the business up and running. After all it takes the employees to deliver the product or services that the company provides. So if you encourage your employees your company will surely benefit of good quality service. Some of the challenges leaders encounter when managing diversity is a variety of social identity groups like time zones, generations, and faiths. Examples of like how people dress or how they think respond or speak to other people in the work place.

There are other challenges as well like discrimination, corpses, harassment, exclusion and lawsuits. While it is in the company’s best interest to promote diversity these above mentioned challenges sometimes take effort. Diversity can help an organization better compete in global markets by increasing productivity and creativity. As well as expanding in language skills. For example if your company has an employee that speaks fluent Japanese and who also understands Japanese hen that employee would be experiences enough to communicate with a representative from Japan.

Having a company with adverse workforce reflects a positive reputation. It is evidence that your company do not practice me plowmen discrimination. My effective business strategy is. 1 . Business pitch, where I would pitch my business by writing out my key plans. A clear and concise plan of my business actions. This would include my company’s mission statement as to what my business is trying to achieve. 2. Organizational Structure. The organizational structure of a company is the internal and from work that defines the procedures, policies, and responsibilities of the company.

This would include SOOT & Goals. The SOOT is an analysis of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Which will help to determine the best opportunities to pursue to achieve my growth goals? And goals are the hallmark Of a company’s success, and are a critical element of any strategy plan. This would also include Human resources/team which effectively staffs the company with a mix of skilled staff and unskilled personnel for operations. First would start by identifying my 5 ear to long-term goals.

Then go down to my one-year goals, within that one year focus on successfully achieving the one year goals to move on to the 5 year long term goals. 3. Operations plan. Which helps you transform your goals and opportunities into reality? I would identify project live financial projections, marketing and competitive analysis and advantages. Updating this every year as things change. 4. Industry analysis. Look at what’s going on in the market. Conduct analysis to ensure the market is growing and help identify new opportunities for growth. Track the Kepi’s to know exactly how business is performing.