Leadership Concepts Worksheet Essay

Transformational Leadership:Leadership Concepts WorksheetConceptApplication of Concept in the Scenario or SimulationReference to Concept in ReadingCHANGE MANAGEMENTChanging the strategy of managing the assets of the organization is the main though that needs to be given attention in this particular situation. The main idea is to make a certain change to make the organization progress better and also to make its reputation much more known to the public not only as a business entity but as an organization that helps the whole society towards its progress.To be able to do so, Don Ruiz, The Chief Executive Officer of GeneOne, suggested that an IPO be pursued with regards the stocks of the company so as to gain the right amount of capital that they need to produce the new products that they need to release for the aim of gaining higher level profit returns.It is very important that the organization’s vision towards the changes to be applied are strongly identified as it will certainly describe whether the changes to be done are of great importance for the sake of the organization’s progress or not.(Palmer, 2006,19)DISTRIBUTIVE MANAGEMENTThe CEO is primarily in-charged of the new approach of business that had been further suggested for application. It is then his command to make the necessary arrangements to make the people in his group continuously progress and become more educated in the process to be implemented in the business system of the organization.

The plans are to be clarified as they are the ones that would set the path that the adjustments on the organization would actually take. Moreover, the plans shall serve as the guidelines to everyone involved in the adjustments, hence, they should be modified so as to meet the needs of the company and its employees as well.(Beitler, 2006, 18)RISK MANAGEMENTTo understand how to deal with the new approach in business operations, the members of the administrational set up of the organization should be able to carry on with the progress process beyond all the possible risks that are expected to occur within the process of implementing the necessary changes for the sake of pursuing the IPO of the business.Once everything has been fixed, letting the members of the organization know of the changes and the procedures by which the adjustments are to take place is at an utmost importance to consider.(Beitler, 2006,18)IDENTITY CONSTRUCTIONThis section of the change management is involved in the process by which the organization has to accept the fact that the identity of the organization itself would need to change.

Jumping up to another level of business systems operation is something that would certainly change the reputation of the organization within the community that they are particularly involved with. The preparedness of the organization in adjusting towards a new identity is necessary in the process of change management applications.Communicating is not enough, it is strongly suggested that the people be empowered further so as to gear them with the preparation that they need for the adjustments to be further applied in the organization.(Palmer, 2006, 15)SOCIAL SENSE MAKINGWhatever the impact of the adjustments would be on the society is a very important factor that needs consideration on the part of the company’s administration. The balance of both the negative and the positive effects of the adjustments upon the society that the company is particularly influencing should be well attended to by the coordinators of the change.Once the change procedures are already applied, it is very important to consider evaluating the results of the program, thus making it easier for the management to see if there are any changes needed to be applied upon the programs.(Cameron, 2004, 22)EXTRACTED CUESAs there are several things to put into special consideration for the application of the change, there are also those that must be set aside.

These elements are usually those that are important yet ware less-likely to affect the change, hence, they are to be given attention in the latter part of the changing procedure.Once the evaluations have been made and the changes were proven effective, the time to regulate the system then arrives. Primarily, this shall set the final step with which everything has already been approved thus making the entire organization ready to take the changes on permanent situations.(Cameron, 2004, 23)ON-GOING SENSE MAKINGIt is very vital that the adjustments to be made make sense not only to the organization itself but also for the people that it serve as well as the people that serve it.

By giving this particular factor ample attention that it needs, it could be expected that the organization would have better results of business operations from the changes that they are to make.After the plans have been made, asking the approval of higher managerial departments should be searched for further suggestions that they may still imply on the program.The plan’s application is to be decided by the higher level of management. Hence, the schedule of all the activities pertaining to the change shall be well taken into consideration by the said personnel.

(Slaman, 2003, 19)RETROSPECTIONIssues on how the traditional process of business operation would be affected by the change as cited herein are also an important element to consider on the part of the administrating authorities. The idea that everything is to go smoothly, the planned procedures of change should be able to support the transition between the old systems of operation towards the new set of systems.The main purpose is to increase the capability of the organization to function well within its business operations. It is however important to consider that failures may occur, making it possible for the administration to realize that alternative procedures should always be ready to support any shortcomings on the application of the first or the master plan of organizational change.(Palmer, 2006, 18)PLAUSABILITYEvery change is expected to be based on factual reasons. The application of the needed changes should be successfully commenced through the idealism that the changes are for the better and that they are to handle better operations on the part of the organizations’ growth in business.Most often than not, the preparedness of each organization in welcoming change and adjustment within the company is a primary element to consider. Most importantly, it is necessary for the coordinators or the management administrators of the organization to keep in mind that the changes to be applied involve different aspects of betterment on the part of the organization, Hence, focusing on one particular element alone may not be that effective for application is situations such as this.

(Beitler, 2006, 19)PROJECTIONWhatever is expected from the change must be reasonable enough to support the strengths and the weaknesses of the new program being applied. Constant consideration on the possible failures shall regulate the expectation into a more realistic projection.Change management is a serious process of progress that business organizations should face every now and then.

Having an aim to continuously grow in the field of business and trade, no matter what the industry may particularly be, involves great courage, determination and fine strategy of managing systems on the part of the administration of any organization. Hence, making the steps above as patterns of change application would indeed yield better fruits of improvement for the organization itself.(Salaman, 2003, 22)References:Palmer I, Dunford R, & Akin G, (2006), Managing Organizational Change; a Multiple Perspectives Approach, McGraw-Hill.Michael Beitler. (2006).

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