Leadership Is Inborn or It Can Be Developed? Essay

The dispute whether the leadership is characteristic of a person is born with or it can be developed through professional experiences, training or monitoring is very arguable.

Moreover, it is very difficult to answer if genes direct our potential leadership skills or we as a human beings responsible for generating and improving our ability to lead. A leader is any individual who influences others to achieve goals (Sullivan & Decker, 2005). Moreover, key to the leadership experience is the ability to create vision, explain purpose, and move the organization/team forward to achieve outcomes (Kouzes & Posner, 2002).In my personal opinion, most leadership skills can be build on by an individual through hard work, monitoring, training and life experience. What makes a good leader In order to explain if leaders are born or developed, it is necessary to make a clear sense of what qualities should have a real leader or what makes a good leader. Moreover, it should be mentioned that all leaders are different because they leads in their own sphere. That’s why such historical and current leaders styles as Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Napoleon Bonaparte, Barrack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi is completely different.

However, their way of leading a people is almost the same. They all achieved results, by having a such leadership qualities as handy knowledge, smart strategic techniques, life experience, ability to make a vision, manage a people and win their trust. Moreover, they all have a power of perceiving people of what they have to do, which means ability to use their good communication skills. Furthermore, leaders should not only direct people, but also practice it himself or herself.As an example, Napoleon Bonaparte was often doing the hings during a battle that were the responsibilities of the lieutenants and the generals below him, which makes his lieutenants to felt that he was one of them, that he really cared about what he was fighting for (Napoleon on project management: timeless lessons in planning 2006). This leadership skills is also violable till nowadays. In order to be a good business or political leader individual should follow the same way of leading.

Most importantly, every person can learn how to be a great leader, through encouragement to be taught.Further is shown a way of experience and learning which makes a magnificent leader. Parent’s influence First of all, every child have been raised in different environment, but the first teacher and leader for almost every child is a mother. Mother teach a child how to make a first step, how to pronounce the first word and later how to behave properly in certain situations. As a result of this first education, child learning basic values, stereotypes that he/she should follow.

Therefore, even from childhood people getting a knowledge which will help them to become a leader.However, it depends on style of raising and family health. Moreover, it is the right to choose for every person how to use this first life education, to improve leadership skills and become a leader or fail to recall this experience. As an example, such great leader’s success as Mahatma Gandhi (pre-eminent political and spiritual leader of India) was a result of his mom’s monitoring. Gandhi have a deep and steadfast love of his mother.

The strong spirit of her character and her deep piety made a profound impression on him from his earliest years (Mahatma Gandhi and comparative religion, 1990).This means that parents have a great impact on their children development as a potential leaders. Education and training Some people are sure that leaders are born, not made. However, this statement is not convincing. Human can be born with characteristics of a leader which linked with a bloodline, but without further development it will be definitely destroyed.

While individual grows up it become more difficult to stand themselves as a leader. High schools, universities and colleges is a field where student can start to realize his/her leadership skills in more serious direction.While getting an education, individual’s are forcing by circumstances to coup with certain difficulties such as team work, personal conflicts, study problems etc. While learning and getting practical background it can be clearly detected that some students show more effort than others, ones put on view more willingness to work and lead than their fellows. In my point of view, education is a chance for every student to raise himself or herself as a leader.

However, leading is not mean yelling at followers to accomplish certain tasks, but to make them wish to accomplish high goals.Moreover, leadership qualities are not inborn but can be developed gradually through education and self-study. Life experience However, some of current leaders have not been raised in good families, and even haven’t showed their leadership skills neither in high school nor in university.

Nonetheless, they get a life experience which teach them how to survive. For instance, Steven Paul Jobs (co – founder and CEO of Apple Inc. ) hasn’t have parents and was adopted, by another family, his school marks were not good moreover he even was dropped out from university in the first semester.However he tried to travel a lot and gain experience, in order to get money he has worked in different places and done different job, yet without university degree. Later on he and his friend decided to open a company which will produce personal computers and established Apple Inc. in the garage.

This is an example of a person who had hard childhood, but with the appropriate communication skills, willingness to be better and of course gained experience he become one of the most successful business leaders of our time (http://www. pple. com › Press Info).As Michael Jordan, legendary player of the National Basketball Association once said: “I fail so many times and that is why I succeeded”. Conclusion To sum up I would like to say, that a good leader is not only a person who can lead the way for other people, it is a person, who first of all do not afraid to take the responsibility for these people, it is a person who has a courage to lead people not only when a company or country is progressive, but also at the time when it is needed, no matter how hard it is.For this kind of responsibilities a leader must be prepared, with special knowledge and skills, and if a person born with a talent and not improving it he/she will not coupe with the role of a leader. All the factors stated before are very significant for the future leader, people should behave themselves in appropriate way in order to achieve the progress.

Nowadays leaders are needed even more than ten or twenty years ago, these people must make the living for all people better and if a person who born with the leadership talent and do not want to improve himself or herself, that person is selfish and do not care about our future life. I would like to end this essay with a very famous Napoleon Bonaparte’s quote: “A leader is a dealer in hope. ”Reference list:Kouzes J M, Posner B Z (2002), The Leadership Challenge, 3rd Edition, Jossey-Bass.

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