Leadership Report: Understanding Leadership Essay


Leadership is a very hard concept and being a leader is a very hard task. No one can say how good this leader is until he knew the experience himself. Being a leader does not require you to be bossy and rule over everyone. A leader is someone who listens, understands and works hard for having a better community. To be a leader does not mean that you should look at yourself as the greatest person bu rather, you should go down and carry them to see a better view of the world. To be a good leader, one must be a good servant too. Service with added commitment brings out true leaders.

Leadership Report: Understanding Leadership

            There is a saying that “Good leaders are born, not made” (Big Dog, 1997) and indeed, this statement might be true and applicable to the issue of leadership but, what is leadership in the first place? Was it a thing that needs to be done and get over with easily or a calling which requires commitment and service? Defining leadership is quite hard to do, there are some words that does not seem to fully describe this term.

            In a conventional view regarding leadership and leaders, most of the time, leaders are those who become heads of a group. Now, being head of the group sometimes lies in being physically powerful, usually this one is present in gangs which actually requires physical stability that would threaten others. At the same time, there are some leaders who were able to acquire the position because someone they were appointed by an authority who have the right to do such things or maybe because they were elected by the majority (Leadership Direct Blog, 2008).

            Leadership perhaps is a process, and the leader is the one who influences the unit to achieve their objectives (Career-Success for Newbies) thus, it requires a good leader who will be able to make the followers want to achieve their goals without bossing his people around (Big Dog, 1997). Nonetheless, this leadership experience is something that molds a human being to be a better person.

            Together with 5 others, I had the chance to prove my work and experience the work of a leader and from this experience, I could probably say that I was able to learn more things and this time, it is something that cannot be taught by the books I have and the school offers but rather, it was taught by the experiences I had during these past few weeks.

            During our first meeting, we had to introduce ourselves in order to know each other and this idea will somehow help us in delegating tasks. Aside from this one, we will get the chance to view things in different perspectives because this team is a six person team with different personalities and views about different things.

            What was so good about this activity is that everyone will get the chance to be a  team leader and a team leader is in charge of setting meetings, scheduling deadlines, contacting the members and everyone who were involve. The team members have shown that they are responsible and respectable by listening to others’ opinions and ideas and reflecting from these options.

            The day came when I have to take charge as the team leader. I never failed to held meetings everyday and I usually schedule it an hour before the class starts. These meetings were consist of sharing information, checking of progress and even improving the materials for the presentation. The first week was all about the exchange of ideas, finding a suitable topic and from these conversations, each one of us showed that we have very creative minds. On the 2nd week, meetings are not about ideas anymore but having these ideas come into life. We kept on having a job schedule so that everyone will have some work to do and that we are on the right track. On that week, we are actually preparing for the presentation and the things needed for the presentation. We practiced communicating with each other and from that I learned that communication is very important to make things better. Lack of information might lead to failure.

            Professor Bonitas who gave us this experience was really hardworking. She works more we tried to work and probably, she is a good leader and now, I had the chance to experience her world by being a team leader for a couple of weeks. It was indeed a very good experience since not everyone were given the chance to be the head of the group and start to lead thus, what I learned about this experience is something that can’t be seen in the textbooks but rather, these are experiences with other people.

            Everyone can be a leader but not a leader by heart. Some will only take things as simple as doing their assignments but there are others who will devote most of their time in making things better. To be an effective leader, one should have the desire and the will power to motivate his or her members. Leaders don’t stop learning and reaching out. They kept studying and working to learn more and improve their leadership skills as well as the skills of their members.

            Now, I know that in being a leader, one must be patient and objective. Faith should always be there in you heart because it will help you overcome regrets or “What ifs”. Being a leader is not easy because one should possess knowledge, skills and experience and right now, I like the concept of having a group. It gives me new learnings and makes a better person out of me.

            What I had in this past weeks would help me in my future. Leadership, leaders and leadership experince are not just one shot chance, they are learning experiences that will mold us to become a better person. Leaders are not usually the head, everyone is a leader as long as you know this word by heart. He is not self centered human being but someone who can be selfless.


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