Learning a New Language Essay

Learning English: A surprising experience Learning a new language can be a scary and frustrating experience but for other people it is not. This is the case of a girl named Lindsay. She is 22 years old and she is studying a Bachelors of Arts in English Language Teaching. She started to learn English when she was ten years old because it was a mandatory subject at the school she attended. The interesting thing about her case is the fact that, even though it was a compulsory course, she mentioned that – “it suddenly caught my attention”- . There are some reasons why learning English attracted her greatly .In her English classes the teacher focused more on vocabulary than grammar. She shared this because their teacher used to say that they needed to learn “chunks of the language since they were young” .

She also shared another reason , she mentions that – “I was very interested on my English class because our teacher used to encourage and motivate them with some sweets and prices”- She would feel eager to participate and attend the class because of these reasons. In addition, she was really into singing and learning the lyrics from the songs that she liked on those days.In order to improve her learning, she used to do several fun activities such as watching movies with English subtitles, also to listen to music. By the way, these are activities that she still does because she thinks that “these are interesting and fun activities. ” The activity she loved the most when learning English was to participate in the “Spelling contests” because she was really good at it and she would enjoy this competencies a lot. Regarding the contests , she shared that “sometimes it was really stressful for me , but I pushed myself to be perfect and to learn some words by heart and thanks to that I am really good at spelling”.Of course her learning process was not fantastic all the time, because there were some topics that she used to consider really difficult since her teacher would explain them several rules in just one session and that would confuse her a lot. One example of her struggle with English was the differences between “do, did and does”, because she was not able to understand the reason why those items were different.

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Moreover, there were sometimes when she would feel frustrated, but when this particular feeling came along learning she used to say “I do not understand and I do not care”, in other words she would just ignore it at all.At some point of her learning process she used to experience a lack of confidence because she saw that some people around her were better than her, but she was able to overcome that feeling. After getting through those negative feelings during her learning process she “feels good with the language” and she feels more confident with herself when she speaks English. Even though she says that she is not proficient enough she would always say: “at least I can communicate and that makes me feel really good! “. This attitude is something that will let her improve day by and sooner or later and become as proficient as she wants to be.