Learning Domain and Child Development Essay

This center is too helping the children with all domains and to help them with their developments. The physical domain is best reached in the dramatic play area the children are able to move large muscle groups as well as their small muscle groups and their affective domain. Their hands are cooking, mixing, setting table, or having dinner at the table. The large group has the possibility of use to set the table or change the clothes on the “babies”. The next best to help aid the children is the block area (this you will see in the bottom left corner).

The block area has blocks of all textures, shapes, and sizes and sets on a rug with colors of blue, red, green and yellow shapes. While the children learn to use their small group’s useless, more in this center, their image is boarding by the fact there is also cars and trucks in the area and they can make cities, towns, bridges, or racetracks. A good example of the physical development is when four of the students decided to “cook” dinner one afternoon while playing in the kitchen center. He first little girl said to one Of the boys that it was time for dinner and he had better have had his homework done cause he had to set the table. The young and other little boy “helped” him clear the table and “set” the table for dinner. These students were able to use their physical development (large ND small muscles) to place and lift items around the table. While at the same time them displaying their abilities in the affective domain (which include emotional, social, and moral growth).

The Art Center as well as the Reading Center allows the children to cover many different domains but we can zero in on just the physical and affective domains for this paper. The Art Center allows the children to use their small muscle group more rather than the large muscles. The hands and fingers are used to hold paintbrushes, scissors, glue, and other such items. However, art children are able to display their motion though art and by doing so they are able to grow as individual and with society as a whole.

The young boy I have in mind liked to paint everyday and he would always have a different picture to paint. I asked him one day what he was painting. He would always tell me a story to go with each picture he painted that day. The story was being anything from a trip to grandpa’s house to going to the store with his parents. This little person was showing his development in the affective as well as his physical development. In all the centers, you can witness all the developmental theories in action but the one hat will stand out the best would be the Skinners theory behaviorism.