Learning English Becomes Increasingly Important Essay


Learning English becomes progressively of import today. In China, most occupation appliers are required to show their English degrees in a occupation interview. An applier with a low English degree will be less competitory in the occupation market. Therefore, Chinese people realize the importance of larning English. However, the traditional English instruction methods are unsatisfied by a bulk of English scholars who are Chinese. This undertaking study will research on a new acquisition method, that is, on-line acquisition. In add-on, the study will expose an thought of planing an on-line acquisition plan based on the research.

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Presents, E-learning becomes progressively popular due to many benefits it offers. Learners can obtain flexible clip and location by online acquisition. In footings of cost economy, E-learning can cut down non merely going costs, but besides tuition fees. Furthermore, many computing machine and cyberspace engineerings can be applied to E-learning such as on-line larning plan. However, E-learning still can non fulfill with quite a few of scholars. For illustration, a bulk of scholars believe that the chief disadvantage of on-line acquisition is missing interaction and without immediate feedback. The proposed undertaking will briefly research on how to better online English acquisition methods and design and implement an online larning application plan for people who are Chinese.

The ground that online English acquisition has been selected as my subject is its high likeliness of replacing traditional acquisition methods and will convey economic benefits to both scholars and organisations. In China, larning English is obligatory. For illustration, college pupils are required to go through CET-4 ( College English Test ) before they can obtain the sheepskin. In add-on, with a big figure of transnational corporations pouring into China, a occupation applier who has a high English degree is in great demand.

However, China ‘s authorities admits that most university alumnuss can non even run into the lower limit English demands of come ining a transnational corporation. Harmonizing to David Park ( 2007 ) , the mean IELTS ( International English Language Testing System ) mark that Chinese campaigners got in 2007 is 5.45, which is lower than most states in the list ( Figure 1 ) . A hapless method of English instruction and acquisition in China are considered as the primary cause of low English degree at big. Therefore, ministry of instruction in China keen to reform English instruction methods.

Figure 1


To happen out what English skills that Chinese people want to accomplish the most.

To compare between the manner of larning English online and in the schoolroom

Questionnaire sing attitudes of English online acquisition will be distributed to 200 English scholars who are Chinese

Analyzing the likeliness of bettering current online acquisition tool ( plan ) in footings of technique

To happen out the manner of budget economy by E-learning.

Analyzing some current English online larning web sites and to happen out their advantages and disadvantages.

To measure whether on-line larning benefit organisations or non.

Design and implement an on-line English larning plan.

Literature Review

Based on literature reading, most writers believe that English online acquisition is still in the early phase. While it is besides believed that there is an tremendous infinite for E-learning development. In add-on, many writers agree that on-line larning provides scholars several benefits while schoolroom acquisition does non. For illustration, online acquisition is more flexible in footings of survey clip and scholars can larn by self-paced.

However, these writers besides admit that online acquisition is still critical due to its low-interaction. Missing self-denial is another factor that online larning may non suit some scholars. Therefore, the issue should be raised by how to do these disadvantages non present so. A figure of first-class thoughts which can be applied to my proposal undertaking have been collected from some books and documents and I list them below.

Enhance system interactivity can appeal more people to utilize the system ( D Zhang et Al, . 2004 )

Provide immediate feedback and let scholars to rectify the incorrect reply in the same clip. The content of feedback should be designed to promote the scholars to rehear the reply in order to increase their learning motive. ( Twigg & A ; Carol A, 1999 )

A well instructional design can pull to more scholars. ( Allen M, 2003 )

Using the engineering for on-line acquisition should be taken into history. Communication engineering can be used as a good manner for interaction between scholars and instructors. ( Bates A.W, 2005 )

Frankly, many thoughts have been enlightened after reading these literatures. First, this proposal undertaking will research on instructional design and do certain they are originative instead than tiring. Furthermore, immediate feedback will be added in the plan which will be shown after scholars submit their replies of quiz. Second, on-line larning plan with synergistic characteristics will be used for this undertaking in order to convert more clients to utilize the plan. Some synergistic characteristics are expected to accomplish by communicating engineering, for illustration, picture calls.


The manner I did the work is based on primary research and secondary research. The feedback of questionnaire and E-learning web sites analysing were applicable to the primary research ; reading books and on-line academic documents as the secondary research.

Sing questionnaire, it is an easy and fast manner to acquire information. My questionnaires will be delivered to 200 people who are Chinese English scholars. They were selected by different age groups and businesss backgrounds in order to acquire more decomposable information. Because some inquiries relate to the computing machine engineering, all the respondents should besides hold more or less relevant cognition. Questions were designed to tie in with aims, which is the manner to prove hypothesis. The result of questionnaire is expected to happen out scholars general attitudes of E-learning and what English accomplishment they wish to better the most.

I will prove some popular English online larning web sites and name their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, I will analyze ‘ET ‘ of ‘PEST Analysis ‘ for those web sites. For illustration, BBC English Learning, it is one of the most popular English acquisition web sites in China.

I need to happen out why it is popular and what attractive to users to utilize this web site. Sing disadvantage, I will non merely bespeak what can be or should be improved in the farther, but besides compare between BBC and the other web sites to see whether these improvable facets have been done by any other web sites. The intent of measuring the advantage and disadvantage of some popular English acquisition web sites are to happen out what characteristics can be referenced in my undertaking and how to better the identified disadvantage.

In squads of ‘E ‘ ( economic factors ) , I will look into how these web sites make net income by questioning a gross revenues representative from Putclub ( Putclub is a popular English acquisition web site in China ) for the intent of analysing the likeliness of higher economic involvement can be made in the hereafter and how they persuade English scholars to snap their web site. Furthermore, it is necessary to measure the benefit from online acquisition by doing a comparing between these on-line acquisition web sites and schoolroom acquisition.

‘T ‘ ( Technological Factors ) should be taken into history whether the engineering can be improved to run into consumer ‘s demands. The feedback may acquire by confer withing some experts. Another of import facet is how engineering can cut down the cost of online larning application plan. For illustration, take an easier and appropriate scheduling linguistic communication to plan the on-line acquisition plan would necessitate less resources, cut down the figure of employees, for case.

Reading related books and on-line documents can animate me with some new thoughts. Some statistical informations can be obtained by reading books or documents. For illustration, Figure 1was taken from a paper.

The most of import milepost of this proposal undertaking is to plan and implement an on-line acquisition plan. This learning plan is designed based on the researches I made, and it will follow four principals, they are: Logical, Interactive, Budget and Customized.

Work program and undertakings

The work program and undertakings are produced to assistance in carry throughing methodological analysis. The agenda has been made with the rule of reason. Time program contains three phases, that is, secondary research, primary research and execution. The clip continuance of this proposal undertaking is 6 months. Some but non all undertakings will be achieved in the world. A tabular array below represents a work program and undertaking.



Time tabular array

Research methods

Secondary research

Collect good thoughts of how to better English Online acquisition


Reading relevant books and on-line academic documents

Primary research

Analyze the information from questionnaire feedback and to warrant the aim


Design and distribute questionnaire to English scholars who are Chinese

Current English acquisition web sites research in footings of its advantage, disadvantage


Accessing to some popular English acquisition web sites and prove the acquisition tools

Current English acquisition web sites research in footings of its Economic Factors


Interviewing a gross revenues representative from Putclub ( The most popular English acquisition web site in China )

Current English acquisition web sites research in footings of its Technology Factors


Accessing to some popular English acquisition web sites and research on the engineering they are utilizing


Research Review



Verifying and proof old researches


Scheme of undertaking




Basic Design


Instructional design


Review the old researches and concentrate on scholars demand

Implement an English online larning application plan for Chinese people


Writing plan linguistic communication and consulting related experts in footings of computing machine proficient jobs


Program quality reappraisal


Trial and inquire some scholars to seek it and go forth the feedback


Proposal Project drumhead


Outcome of research
All the researches have been achieved before the entry day of the month of this papers. The secondary research has been mentioned in the literature reappraisal.

Sing primary research, 193 out of 200 questionnaires have been returned with the feedbacks. I list some of import consequences which can warrant the aim.

Most respondents wish to better their English communicating accomplishments. And they besides indicate that they have really small chance to pattern their English speech production

There are 73 per cent of respondents believe that they would wish to pass more clip in larning English online than in the schoolroom if they could take

In footings of engineering, some people suggest that they would wish to pay out if they have an chance to do a picture call to the English native talkers.

Sing Budge economy, 87 per cent of people think online acquisition can assist them to salvage money.

On-line English plan with a rich user interface will pull to people to larn and increase their learning motive.

By and large, the consequence of questionnaires gives a reasonably justification of aim. In China, lacking of English communicating accomplishment is a common phenomenon despite a batch of English scholars keen to hold this accomplishment in manus. In world, traditional English acquisition provides really small chance to talk English as Chinese pupils would wish to talk their first linguistic communication with each other. After category, more scholars even ne’er pattern it. The inquiry should be raised by how to make the chances of communicating in English.

Because of the distance restraint, face to confront communicating with a native talker is ever unrealistic. Online acquisition has solved this job in footings of distant distance. It allows users to speak with native talkers by on-line picture call. Sing Budge economy, 87 per cent of respondents believe that larning online can convey a cost economy. For illustration, going fees, abode etc. Rich user interface is believed as a manner to appeal to learners passing more clip on online acquisition. Stone D et Al, . ( 2005 p4 ) states that ‘Users interface enables interaction and serves as a span between users and system ‘ .

In footings of website research, some first-class instructional design thoughts have been listed below:

Quizs with different subjects and immediate feedback with answer analysis.

Enrich user interface by adding lovely imagine and life

Listen to the addresss by celebrated people online with address bill of exchange

English online game ( ne’er acquire bored and have learnt some new words myself )

Pronunciation pattern

A big figure of utile English acquisition stuffs available

Many English acquisition web sites offer a big figure of quizzes and synergistic online game. They are designed for the intent of bettering scholars English with different accomplishments. However, most of these web sites do non let scholars to choose a grade of trouble for either quizzes or on-line English game. It may ensue in softness to some scholars ( either excessively simple or excessively hard ) . In add-on, on-line picture call with English native talkers has still non been developed yet as all the web sites I researched do non has does service.

It footings of engineering, its development requires learners no longer necessary to analyze by go toing regular categories. Traditional HTML-based web site can merely depict basic words, imagine, table etc. Its engineering can non be used to run into most scholars ‘ demands. With development of web 2.0 engineering, RIA ( Rich Internet Application ) has released to the market, it enables web sites contain dynamic web pages with a database.

Regard of current online acquisition web sites, most of them utilizing Adobe flash + PHP + XML ( or SQL ) platform, which aim at making a functional web site and rich user interface. For illustration, CSS + XML platform are used by BBC larning English web site, the former 1 is as a tool of planing pages layout while the latter one as database. Compare to the SQL, XML is less complicated to utilize than SQL. Therefore, take a proper platform is really of import. Pea R et Al, . ( 2003 p56 ) believe that a wise pick in footings of E-learning engineering can cut down the cost. For illustration, take a proper scheduling linguistic communication may avoid wage excess ( more coder require system care etc. ) . Therefore, utilizing the appropriate engineering is of import.

Support and budget
Budget for the proposal undertaking
In footings of undertaking outgo, this undertaking is expected to do a considerable net income with a sensible cost. I list them below:

Research compensation ( travel, stuffs fees, mobile phone )

Delivery ( sphere name infinite )

Software ( programming )

Program care

Employees ( coders )

Particular employees ( English native talkers )

This proposal undertaking requires sensible disbursals as an investing. Buying a sphere name infinite in order to present the online larning plan and use some coders to supply proficient support. In add-on, this undertaking require some ‘special employees ‘ , that is: English native talkers. Harmonizing to some feedbacks from questionnaires, on-line picture call with English native talkers can convert users to pay out of their ain pockets. Therefore, I suggest that engaging these particular employees is expected as a good manner of investing.

Net incomes for the proposal undertaking

This undertaking is believed to do considerable benefits which contain touchable benefits and intangible benefits. Harmonizing to Khan B ( 2005 ) , they can easy be defined as touchable benefits can be converted to pecuniary value while intangible benefits are hard to change over to figures. In footings of this undertaking, touchable benefits include as followers:

Salvaging the overall cost ( travel, schoolroom lease, repast )

User charge for the plan

A batch of intangible benefits will be brought from the undertaking. This type of benefit is ever ignored because it is hard to quantify. However, it is still deserving to detect and papers. ( Horton W, 2004 ) Sing this undertaking, intangible benefits include as followers:

Salvaging clip of going

Quality of on-line instruction betterment

More flexible clip

Self-paced survey

A big figure of stuffs online are available to download without charge

No limitation on admittance ( all people are allowed to larn )

E-learning development

Project impact

In general, this undertaking aims to increase the learning chances and larning quality to English scholars. Harmonizing to the research, a rather few scholars prefer larning online, so the on-line acquisition plan will be designed to run into their demands. Online larning with interaction characteristic is believed to attractive to scholars passing more clip on survey. The development of online acquisition is necessary due to it can better the instruction system and would suit some scholars who are non happy with traditional schoolroom acquisition.

Undertaking restrictions

There are a figure of chief restrictions for this undertaking as following.

Limited research disbursal would cut down the research power

Insufficient research work force would ensue in less informations aggregation and lower informations truth

Limited research clip ( necessitate farther work )

Research graduated table restraint due to some physical restrictions, for illustration, locations and energy

Ethical Considerations

In China, all pupils have to endure a ferocious competition from college entryway test. About 20 per cent of testees will non be allowed to travel to the college. John R Gardner ( 2006 p30 ) states that ‘Learning who disadvantaged every bit good as those with specific larning abilities should non be left behind. ‘ Online larning provides an excess platform for those people who can non go to to category. In add-on, online larning can increase motive