Learning Essay

Learning is a continuous process in life since we are constantly influenced by everything known and unknown around us. Whether one considers making learning a formal process by attending educational institutions and being recognized for their achievements, or informally, by their own inclination to learn, is a focal decision one eventually has to make. Every person should take pride and add value in the knowledge and know-how that they possess. They have the capability of making unique contributions to the society from the power that they have.

My educational objective can be best accomplished through a formal education, which will help me to create original knowledge leading to PhD or doctoral qualifications. Whether I decide to continue my interest in computers or pursue a different interest in another subject, I intend to use the power that knowledge bequeaths to contribute to my community and to the institutions that have played a part in my success. For the last couple of centuries the United States has been viewed as the land of opportunity, and this still holds true today.

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The United States is unprecedented in the resources that it offers for undergraduate studies. These resources come in many forms such as, internships, easily accessible research facilities, up to date technology, and others. I desire to use these resources to obtain the best I have to offer. What I have to offer will come in the form of contributions to the community, the institutions that have contributed to my success, and all who need what I have to offer.

I have a strong interest for computers and technology in my academic pursuit. Efficient use of computers is a widely sought after skill, and one I hope to contribute in. I have chosen to take Computer Science for undergraduate degree so that I can lay the foundations for my future in computers, in programming, information management, web design, or something else.

As one of the best institutions for an undergraduate degree in computer science, R. I. T. ill significantly help me in achieving my educational objectives. Its resources in this field will help me push the boundaries of my capabilities. What I gain from my education at R. I. T. will provide the building blocks for my future. R. I. T. is the very essence of what the United States can offer to undergraduate students. I shall not take the resources that are supplied to me for granted, but use them to benefit others in my community. R. I. T. will play a key factor in my quest for knowledge.