Learning Methods Essay

Methods of learning are a major concern for students, pupils and their parents. Some people believe that they prefer learning by listening to people talk about things as well as reading about things. While others claim that doing things is the best way for them. In my point of view, I totally agree with the later point of views for following several reasons. Firstly, almost students learn more effectively when they do things.

In reality, learning must go together with practice because it’s difficult to solve problems when they only focus on theories and definitions that are very abstract, so the first and probably most important is that doing exercises. You will understand deeply the problems if only if you do a lot of exercises, especially, in natural subjects. At that time, you will discover many problems, so you have to analyze the demand of questions. Because many students can easily come up with a solution to the problems but they don’t do calculate, so they have a few skills and they will be confused when deal with them.

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Thus the better you are, the more you do. Secondly, doing things brings a number of good characteristics such as becoming more patient and careful, and it can help us active our brain. Most lazy people or young only think and imagine how to solve the problem, the same as they remember at the moment and can’t develop their ability. For people always solve detail problems, or even if they are wrong in the first time, they will do until they get its result. So they have a chance to train their patient as well as careful characteristic.

Besides, according the recent statistic, many people are well-known in science field in particular and in other fields in general based on doing some things. Therefore, they have a proper learning routine and come up with new ideas. In conclusion, many people have different ways to learn, if you are good at listening to other people or reading some things, you should associate they together to get absolutely their value. Whether you succeed or not, it depends on what way you choose, for me, I’d better learn by doing things that is out of this world.