Learning Style Essay

Running head: PERSONAL ESSAY Personal Essay of Marie Moore Marie Moore COLL100 B020 American Public University PERSONAL ESSAY Personal Essay of Marie Moore The following is a personal essay about various topics about my college education and my learning styles. This personal essay will include thoughts or reasons for seeking a college degree. As well as my own personal learning styles, which are based upon inventories that have been taken. This personal essay will include my thoughts and views on my learning styles and how this impacts my future and education endeavor.

Reasons for seeking a college degree stem from both personal and career advancement. The reasons for obtaining a college degree for my personal advancement, is that I would like to further my educational and intellectual knowledge. I would like to be able to say that I have continued my education and now have obtained a college degree. I believe that it is something that I can personally be proud of, and would like to share with my family, and to set an example for my children.

The reasons for obtaining a college degree for my career advancement are as follows. The first reason to obtain a degree for my career advancement is that in obtaining a college degree, this allows for further career promotions and placement. Another reason to obtain a college degree for career advancement is that it sets a good example to the individuals that I work with. I believe it will help motivate others, as well as provide understanding with my peers, who are seeking educational goals as well.

Learning styles that I have found that I thrive with are both physical and visual. I scored the following with the learning styles online inventory. I scored a 13 on physical and a 10 on visual. PERSONAL ESSAY With this inventory a score of 20 indicates the style utilized most often. I personally did not have a score of 20; however the 13 and 10 were the highest scores out of the various categories. While utilizing the how to learn inventory, I found that my learning styles were predominantly more auditory, 46%; visual, 31%; and kinesthetic, 23%.

With these results, I found that visual tends to be the most common theme of the type of learning that I like to engage in, and that I find most successful. After taking the inventories and looking at the results, I believe the following. I believe that the inventories may not be one hundred percent accurate; however, they may pick up on tendencies that are accurate. Before taking the assessments, I believed that I was a visual and a kinesthetic or hands on learner.

I thought that I was a more hands on or kinesthetic learner and I would have thought that visual was my second learning preference. Upon reading the results of the inventories, I found that visual learning may be a stronger learning preference. I believe that these inventories are pretty true to my learning style preferences. In conclusion, I believe that now knowing what my learning style and learning preferences are, this knowledge may help me become better in obtaining my college degree.

I believe it is important to know how to be the most successful, and I believe that this personal essay allowed me to learn my personal motivation and personal learning styles to help me become the most successful learner that I can be. I am excited for my educational journey in obtaining my college degree.

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