Learning Team Data Collection Essay

Ballard Integrated Managed Services Inc. (BIMS) has been going through some changes in the past months that are affecting the operations and the morale of their personnel. The Company is dedicated to provide food and hospitality services including housekeeping and food services to corporations and institutions. The company has three divisions, Food service division, Hospitality division, and the Physical plant maintenance division.

Each plays an important role and represents the company and their interests. As a general manager, Barbara noticed that the situation is becoming a serious problem where the turnover has increased from 55-60% to 64% in a period of four months. BIMS annually turnover was typically around 55-60% but 64% is too high and no one has an explanation why is that happening. Purpose

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The best interest of the general manager Barbara is to find the reason or reasons that the staff and personnel are working with no motivation and why complains have increased considerably. Before the situation gets worse, Barbara decided to discuss the issue with her three division managers and HRM staff and find a possible solution to the problem Research questions

Debbie Horner the HR manager made a suggestion of a surveying the workers in an attempt to identify the causes of their decrease in morale and Barbara accepted. The survey was initiated and was given to the workers along with their biweekly payroll check. The research include questions about their feeling working in the company, and they also tried to cover different possible issues that would be affecting their morale in a scale from one to five where one was very negative and five very positive.

Hypotheses So far only 17% of the personnel have returned the survey and this is not enough information to make a decision about the reasons why they morale is decreasing considerably. Debbie recalled from her studies that this percent is common in a survey and that they needed to think in something else to motivate the personnel to bring more responses that could help them to define the best solution to the problem.