Learning employees. Secondly, they encourage Individual Learning. McDonald’s

Learning is inspired by the organizational culture of McDonald’s. The growth of its organization shows the firm’s effectiveness in using its corporate culture to achieve the needed levels of human resource skills.


The organizational culture has the subsequent features.

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McDonalds follows a People-Centric approach. The company’s Core Values and level of Business Behavior display the importance of helping its employees. Secondly, they encourage Individual Learning. McDonald’s organizational culture highlights the Importance of lifelong learning. The belief at McDonalds is that self-learning inspires productivity, quality, and business effectiveness. Lastly, they have Diversity and Inclusion which McDonald’s identifies the significance of in improving HR capabilities to deal with an increasingly varied market (THOMPSON, 2017).


McDonald’s Organizational Culture Advantages & Disadvantages.

While McDonald’s highlights learning and support for its employees in its organizational culture, there is no importance on quality of individual performance. Therefore, a possible improvement is for McDonald’s to stress excellence and high quality productivity in its organizational culture (THOMPSON, 2017).


Analysis of McDonald’s Management style.

Since the launch, McDonalds has been strongly involved in innovating and building solid customer relations. McDonalds label the ‘experience’ as the major determinant (Long 2006). The core part of their business is QSC & V. QSC & V stand for quality, service, cleanliness and values (UKEssays, 2015).


With regards to Planning, the process maintains the core values at all its franchisees. Though the native demands are also taken into account to be part of their culture entirely. Its fast delivery and quality raw materials were the consequence of creating good relations with the supply chain partners. On the topic of Organizing, The importance is on division, coordination, control of tasks and the transfer of information inside the company. McDonalds has a collaborative management method which joins all the worldwide franchisees worldwide under a sole company name (Long, 2006).


The Control at McDonalds can be completely credited to the CEO’s creative and innovative leadership. The CEO places great importance on customer satisfaction having a varied upbringing and expertise (UKEssays, 2015).



Through strict and clear policies of its charismatic leadership, McDonalds gained a trustworthy image in the minds of its customers. They have been answering to the changing needs of its customers; it has been able to maintain its brand essence along with growing profits. A perfect mixture of the four management functions specifically, planning, organizing, leading and controlling has been vital to McDonald’s success (UKEssays, 2015).