Legal Considerations Essay

During my phone call with the Human Resource Manager she told me to bring a hard copy of my resume. Normally that is exactly what I do on every interview, I bring a arid copy of my resume and references just incase their printer did not print it correctly or if I’m being interviewed by more than one person than they would have their own copy.Now to me, being asking to bring a hard copy was kind of weird but the fact that they even have to ask anyone to bring a hard copy really says something about those individuals wanting the job. The statement, “Whatever your personal feelings about the justice and appropriateness of reticular laws, all board members, staff and volunteers re to obey all laws in the performance of their work on behalf of community services” tells me a lot about the relationship between law and ethics.It tells me that the relationship between law and ethics is taken very seriously amongst all members of Human Services.

The statement also tells me that not many people believe in the laws, as far as the political correctness and abilities. This statement also tells me that somewhere in the past there was a problem with a board member, staff or volunteer when it comes to keeping their personal views out of work.

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