Leonardo’s Annunciation which is in the Uffizi (Florence) Essay

The art I chose to analyze was Leonardo Da Vinci’s Annunciation, which is Renaissance period art. I find myself continually drawn to Leonardo Da Vinci’s art work, I think the colors are beautiful. Visual Aspect In describing this painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, this would be the angel Gabriel, coming down to tell the Virgin Mary she has conceived Christ. I think depth perception was used in this piece, if you notice it is very up close and then you see the different distances used, up to the mountains in the background.

The sky is bright although the trees are contrastingly dark. Contextual Aspect I think you can tell what the intended context is when looking at this piece, the Virgin Mary seems surprised and somewhat startled by the arrival of the angel Gabriel. Maybe it’s her reaction to the news just given her. It does suggest the type of person the patron might have been on both sides. The angel Gabriel seems very peaceful and the Virgin Mary seems surprised, which may mean the news is unexpected.

Iconographic Aspect I believe it does tell a story, I think all art tells a story in one way or another. The narrative may stress the importance of the Virgin Mary’s role in history. You can identify the figures based upon the particular text of Gabriel’s angel wings. I think when you see that, you conclude he represents some form of religion. Historical Aspect I think this painting does have specific elements which convey the time period and style it was created in.

If you look at the clothing the Virgin Mary is wearing, and the style of furniture, it says a lot of the period in which it was painted. Personal Aspect This work of art captured my interest because of the colors and crispness of the painting. I knew when I looked at it that it had a story to it, and if you look at it long enough you can almost see what they are thinking. At least you feel like you can tell what they are thinking.