Lesson Plan – Drama Teaching Activity Essay

Lesson plan – drama teaching activity – Teacher: Grade: 7th Level: Pre – intermediate Aims The students will: – demonstrate their ability to use their imagination – maintain a character by performing a far-fetched 5 minutes improvisation – react to situation to produce spontaneous or natural English Materials: a small simple object (a pen), activity worksheet (attached) Warm-up Activity (Object Transformation) All the students sit in a big circle. Teacher shows the class a simple object (like a pen).

He demonstrates the activity by transforming the pen into something else by the way he use it.For example, he might pretend to light it with a match and throw it; the students will guess it is dynamite. The object is then passed from student to student.

Each transforms the objects into something different and the other students must guess what the object has been transformed into. The object may not transform into the same thing twice. Interaction: T-Ss S-Ss Activity 1 Teacher asks students about the purpose of the exercise and talks about the importance of imagination in drama. Interaction: T-Ss S-T Activity 2Teacher asks students to get into groups of three and he assigns a number to each group (group 1, group 2). Each group has to improvise a scene about 5 minutes around 3 unrelated words. Teacher gives each group three slips of paper and students write down three words.

The slips are put in a hat and each group has to draw three. Students will have to incorporate those words in a scene which eventually they will act out. They have a few minutes to write out some ideas as their imagination will supply the dialogue while they improvise.Interaction: T – Ss S – S Group: Names of students_____________________________________________________________ Date____________ List unrelated words:      1. ___________________ 2. ___________________ 3.

___________________ I. Introduction II. Body III. Conclusion Activity 3 Teacher asks students to perform their improvisation.

Each group will play a five minutes scene. Interaction: T – Ss S – S Activity 4 Teacher and students discuss the imagination of each group and choose the best situation they have created. Interaction: T-Ss S-S