Lesson Plan Listening Essay

Give words that you can associate with the given word inside the web (DREAM/AMBITION). Write your answers in the strands to complete the web. 2. Motivation Motive Question: What are your dreams? Motivation question: How will you attain your dreams? 3. Unlocking of Difficulties Vocabulary 1 . Nurture-the care and attention given to someone or something 2. Acquisition-the act of acquiring 3. Permeates-to pass or spread through 4. Quest-a journey made in search of something 5. Apathy-the feeling of not having much emotion or interest Background of he Author David D.

Moore is an American archeologist, historian and published author of children’s books. He attended East Carolina University where he received a masters degree in Maritime History and Natural Archeology in 1989. B. During Reading Predicting Outcomes Ask the students why, does the writer compare a dream to a seed? Do you agree? C. Post Reading a. Knowledge 1 . Who wrote Reach for Your Dream? 2. Name all the characters in the essay. 3. Name one person mentioned in the essay. Tell his/her dream and achievement. Comprehension 1. In your own words, what is the essay about? 2. What do fear and courage contribute to the fulfillment of a dream? 3. What is the most important thing you must have to achieve your dreams? C. Application 1 . Give some examples of people who have the same problems or have done the same kind of thing as the person in the essay. 2. Do you agree a man with a dream is a man with promise? Justify your answer. 3. Select any of the character in the essay that serves as your inspiration. Why? D. Analysis 1 .

In the essay we read, what do you think the difference between fact and opinion? 2. How does David Moore use images and symbols in his essay? 3. What are the things happened in the essay that is not applicable in real-life situation? E. Synthesis 1. Who can write an essay about dream? 2. Use your imagination to draw a picture about the essay. Then, add one new thing of your own that was not in the essay. 3. Write a poem about the essay. F. Evaluation 1 . Which of the character in the essay would you like most? Why? 2.