Letter for resigning from the job Essay

Dear Sir,I joined in our organization as a trainee merchandiser on 26th February, 2012 under merchandising department. It has been a privilege and great prospect for me to join a renowned firm like Pantex. I cordially thank you for employing me and also bringing me the chance to work in your organization. I took this job as a platform to learn about the techniques of merchandising. But apart from this job I have other commitments towards my life. I am not yet done with my post graduation and continuing my post graduation along with this job will not become possible for me. From this month, I am going to start my MBA program.

In your organization I hardly get any vacation whereas I would require at least two days leave in a week for joining my MBA classes. And your organization won’t allow me this leave and for the greater interest of the company I also do not appreciate such types of leave. So practically it’s not possible for me to run both job and MBA Together. As to why, I have decided to resign myself from this job and continue my MBA studies.

I, therefore, thank you again for the professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last one month. I have enjoyed working for the organization and appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the company.Sincerely,MD. FAZLE RABBY