I am pleased to recommend

Letter of Recommendation




I am pleased to
recommend Mr. Vipin Dangi in his pursuit of graduate studies at your renowned
university. I have known Vipin Dangi since 2012. I believe he has the potential
to perform exceptionally well at an international graduate level. This persuasion
in him comes, having observed his academic as well as extracurricular
activities over these years.

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As part of his
sophomore year course, he attended my lectures on Mineral Processing. He
clearly stood out as a remarkable student — extremely hard-working, truly insightful, punctual, and
highly ambitious. I have observed his competent skills and abilities that make
him a worthy candidate.


During senior year,
he attended my extractive metallurgy lab. He developed a research acumen and
looked at problems with better perspective. He always aimed at understanding
the bridge between theoretical concepts and experimental results. He was an
active participant in lectures who paid attention and never hesitated to ask
questions. We frequently discussed various problems beyond the scope of my
course, and I was fascinated by his remarkable analytical abilities. His
outstanding ability to create new ideas and analyze difficult problems from
various perspectives always helped him in providing an edge over other


I must say that
he displayed a higher level of diligence and sincerity in working on his
assignments and ensuring the submission before the mentioned deadlines. Apart
from academics, Vipin has always actively participated in the extra
co-curricular activities which include department celebrations and


In summary, I
can say that Vipin has the ability to work with accuracy and cooperate with
fellow students, both of which are important for professional success. I think
that his achievements are not only attributed to his aptitude but also to his
perseverance and sincerity. I firmly believe that he will utilize his potential
and make remarkable contributions to your university. I highly recommend Vipin
Dangi for admission to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Upendra Pandel

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

MNIT, Jaipur,
India, 302017


[email protected]


Processing- Second year

Metallurgy Lab- Fourth year