Letter to a Teacher Essay

Dear Teacher,            It is with utmost delight and gratitude that I am sending you this letter as a response to the previous letter of encouragement that you have sent me on my graduation day.

I would like you to know that your message not only put a smile on my lips but has also inspired me to do well in my studies and future career. You have been a tremendous inspiration in my education. Furthermore, your teachings about how valuable it is to pursue one’s dreams have always been my motivator to succeed.            I consider teaching to be one of the world’s noblest professions. Without teachers, particularly you, how could a child even begin to speak? If the world has improved and somehow had changed for the better, then the credit must be yours and your fellow great teachers to take. Likewise, I have taken into account the possibility of being a teacher someday, but one thing held me back; and that is to make a change by penetrating into the marketing industry.

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            I am confident that you are aware how media controls the society today. In my view, it is somewhat controlled in a negative way, and I want to help alter that view by means of the communication skills that you have helped me develop. You mentioned in your letter how you believe my interpersonal communication skills can make me a competent teacher, and I would like to make use of the same talent to gradually change the dishonest and political ploys of media today.

I am fully aware of the desperation and hopelessness that being a marketing practitioner can cause me someday, but I know that I have to make a selfless move regardless of the difficulty and dangers of the job. I am also confident that by being involved in the marketing processes of various media companies that create honest and decent advertisements, in a way, I am teaching.With your blessing, I know I can make a change.