Letter involved in such activities through out his

Letter of Recommendation


I have been associated with Mr. Apoorva Teja during the course of his engineering studies at the Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), Department of Instrumentation Technology. I have taught him Electronics, Distributed Computing and I was the internal project guide during his final semester. I have also interacted with him during lab sessions and outside class hours. Thus I know him well and feel qualified to recommend him. In college, I have seen him mature from an inquisitive and enthusiastic person to a responsible and knowledgeable student. He is definitely among the top 5% of the students that I have taught in my career.

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As a student in the classroom, Apoorva Teja was always well-prepared and asked pertinent questions. His questions were prompted by a spirit of enquiry and a zest for learning. In all the classes that I took for him, his work was excellent. He was always involved in class discussions and contributed significantly to them. His analytical abilities as well as his powers of assimilation are of the highest order. Overall, I remember him as motivated, hard working and sincere.


           His academic performance in the college examinations bears special mention. He is a superb performer, his marks being much above the average. His overall percentage in eight semesters is 75%. He was always among the 5 toppers in the class and very consistent in his performance.


          Apoorva Teja’s indisputable strengths are his technical knowledge and his confidence in himself as an achiever. His excellent work has also won the confidence of faculty members like me. He is intelligent, knowledgeable and can apply his theoretical knowledge effectively. He has a flare for research activities and was involved in such activities through out his graduation. His project and the knowledge of field related software was appreciated by my colleagues and me.


           Apoorva Teja’s final year project gave reasonable insight in to his perseverance and abilities. He took up a complex topic, “Design and Development of Position Controlled Attitude Calibration System”. The project was carried out in National Aerospace Laboratories.


         Apoorva Teja has excellent communication skills and these were in evidence during the presentation he gave on his final year project work in progress. He was confident, mature and was able to clearly explain some very convoluted concepts. His technical paper presentation on auto Reclose Relay, earned him much praise and appreciation at a seminar hosted by our department.


Mr. Apoorva Teja was a prominent figure on campus. He participated in several extra curricular activities. As part of the Association of Instrumentation Engineers, of our college, he often contributed his ideas and helped lay out a roadmap of the association’s activities for the month ahead. He played a key role in organizing a number of inter-college paper presentations and technical seminars given by industry professionals.


He was a placement coordinator on behalf of the college which required him to interact with Human Resource Managers from prominent firms. As a placement coordinator, Apoorva Teja developed a number of aptitude tests with which to train the students of lower semesters in preparation for on-campus placements. He was in the college cricket team and won many tournaments, he was given a medal by the college in recognition of this, but the point to be noted is he never let his extra curricular activities affect his academics.


The distinction in academics and other activities requires a clear, precise mind, maturity as well as excellent communication abilities, which I hope he will continue to develop. It is with great pleasure that I recommend him for a Masters’ degree.