Liberals of needs. Many countries around the

believe that international institutions play a key role in cooperation among
states. States always have been set in a domestic and transnational society
which creates incentives for economic, social and cultural interaction across
borders. Moreover, liberals have stated that economic interdependence lead to a
peaceful intergovernmental between nations due to the mutual benefits from
trade. Before we explain about the reasons that clarify economic
interdependence creates opportunities for cooperation while reducing the
likelihood of war between states, we should understand the meaning of economic
interdependence. Economic interdependence is a theory explaining about the
relationship between two or more people, nations, regions or other entities which
dependent on others in term for the production of goods or services. Economic
interdependence often occurs when all parties are specialized so that the relationship
between other countries become necessary to the meet of needs. Many countries
around the world started to do trade and cooperate with each other for exchange
of goods because they all agree and believe that their contribution will
benefit their economies. Their contributions lead to the creation of
supranational organization and treaties in order to guarantee the economic stability
of interdependence states. In fact, there are 3 reasons that help to clarify
economic interdependence is capable of cooperation and reducing the likelihood
of war between states are the corresponding between economic interdependence
and war, mutual benefits derived from the organization’s agenda and treaties
between states, and