Life as a Water Molecule Essay

Hi, my name is water molecule! H2O for short.

I live in the bottom of a well. I come from 2 hydrogen atoms, but I have an oxygen atom in me! Down here in my well, we have a swell time together. In our liquid state, we are not too far apart, nor too packed together. It’s really great being a liquid! I feel bad for my cousin CO2. He is probably sublimating into a gas from a solid, or as a gas, freezing back into a solid.

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He has no melting point, only a freezing and boiling point. I’m SO glad I will never be exposed to sublimation!!!!It’s great to have a definite volume, but no definite shape, so I’m able to swish around in my well with billions of other water molecules! It’s the middle of March, every night it gets so cold we freeze. I don’t like being a solid with a definite shape, we can barely move! So over time, we get closer together, me and my molecule-mates until we reach our freezing points. I now know we are a solid.

We stay like this until dawn, when the sun’s golden rays shine down through the walls of our well.Soon enough we get to our melting points and are able to move again! So we keep on freezing and melting until May, which I like a lot because we get to be liquids all day and all night! During May it gets really hot, but that spring I was in for a surprise! It was a really hot day, during noon the sun shines right into the center of my well. I could feel myself becoming farther and farther away from the other molecules. I was evaporating into the air! So free, getting hyper off of heat energy! I was a gas! No definite volume or shape!It was so fun to be free, I didn’t feel so bad for CO2 anymore! That day, I was one in billions because I underwent evaporation, and later on, I was one in billions because I underwent condensation! I knew i was condensing.

I was getting closer and closer to all my other molecules. By chance, I then condensate into my own little well, where my molecule buddies ask me about my trip. When they asked me if I’d rather be a gas I told them, “you know it’s just great to have no definite shape, but a definite volume. I’m proud to be part of the liquid state”!