Life Full of Flowers Essay

Life full of flowers Hans Christian Andersen told us:” just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ” When you were young, happiness was simple; now that you’ve grown up, simplicity is happiness. Do you still remember the childhood you spend with beautiful nature, fragrant of grasses and blooming flowers? Back to the Latin word “eudaimonia”: the highest good for human beings. Actually the explanation to this complicated word sometimes can be very simple, just a bunch of flower can bring good mood whole day to you.

The presence of flower triggers positive emotions and increases enjoyment of life satisfaction. It was the flower that first ushered the idea of beauty into the world long ago. Different flowers have their own color and shape, which bring enjoyments to our vision. Meanwhile there special aroma also makes us feel comfortable and cheerful. Apart from these, the leaves of flower have function to release oxygen and clean air. Living in such a beautiful environment, how can you keep a bad mood all the day? According to the Warder Davieds’s article “Flower=Happiness?

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The emotional impact of plants”, we know that flowers have adapted to our preferences in a number of ways, it seems. We have a preference for symmetry, we have a preference for certain colours, and we may also have a preference for certain smells. These preferences all evolved for specific purposes, but because they are general preferences. We would not necessarily need to be exposed to a flower to be attracted to it – it is configured in a way that our brain ‘likes’, which triggers the release of chemicals that result in our positive emotions.

Other than the beauty and comfort it brings to us, every flower has their unique language. The hidden meaning behind the flower always contains the special emotion which makes the receiver feel satisfied. In “Flowers to Express Your Emotions” R. K. Ambadi says: Flowers are very close to our hearts and it can speak a lot of things. Actually, it will not speak, but murmur to convey your emotions to the receiver of the gift. It tells the receiver that you love him or her and always remembering him. This feeling certainly will make the receiver of the gift happier and thus the bond between both of you will get strengthened.

We can see from this paragraph that flowers can influence one’s mind and thoughts. I have heard of that each flower has its own meaning. For example pink carnations stand for mother’s love; red rose stands for true love and lavender stand for happiness. Face to these beautiful symbol, you can feel the other’s love every time. According to the Dave Munge’s article “flowers really do make you happy”, 147 women were recruited using ads in supermarkets to participate in a study about “normal daily moods. ” These women respectively received different gifts.

While the women smiled when receiving nearly all of the gifts, significantly more authentic smiles were observed in women receiving flowers than the other gifts. This further confirms that the flower as a tool to convey emotion can let us feel happier. Last but not least, study has shown that you will get beneficial from get close to flower. This will bring a sense of harmonious and content to you. From the Kresser’s article “Go Outside”, we see that we have spent too much time staring at screens and suffer from the “Nature deficit disorder”.

In a public health context, exposure to nature has been used as therapy for short-term recovery from stress or mental fatigue, faster physical recovery from illness, and long-term overall improvement on people’s health and well-being. Kresser also tells us that Studies show that indoor plants can boost mood, improve air quality, and reduce anxiety and fatigue. Even if you live in an urban environment, bringing green foliage into your living space can greatly benefit your connection with the natural world. So if you set aside your work to smell flower, you will understand the pure lily, the enthusiasm of roes and the dignity of violet.

You may lose out on something good for such a short pause, but you must gain something even better. In a word, all the studies have showed the link between flowers and eudiamonia. Both outdoor and indoor, please get close to flower from now on. Let yourself have a bed of roses every day!

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