Life Goals Essay

The goals people set for themselves often tend to be ideal to their skills and what they want in life. With saying so, I expect a lot from myself because I know what I’m capable of, therefore I have dream like goals. A part from being successful in whatever career path I decide to take I want to travel, and not just for vacation but for a purpose. A purpose that is ever so vital and self-rewarding: simply helping others in need.

When I say people in need I don’t mean the lower class and people on welfare.I mean people in 3rd world countries; destitute mothers, fathers, children, etc. who are in desperate need for care.

Whether it be feeding them, clothing them, providing health care, teaching them how to read and write I’d be willing to do it. I’m beyond ambitious, so you could see how being a local doctor just wouldn’t cut it. I want to expand my horizons.

There’s a void in my heart that is filled when I help someone. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have seriously made a difference and change someone’s life.All things considered, my reasoning for wanting to complete such a goal is not just for the “high” I get when I’ve accomplished everything, but because I don’t want people to lose hope.

They should have faith that there are people in the world thoughtful and generous enough to lend a hand. Aside from it all I know I can’t change the world over night, great things take time. There are many short term goals I have set that each take a step toward the big picture. One of them is passing my ACC classes with an A, and getting more involved in my school and community.There’s a variety of preparation and training that needs to be done before I take on a task like this. On the whole, the important thing is to accomplish my goal.

No one is going to be there to say, “Congratulations you did it!” that’s something you feel within yourself. Personally, I will know I have met my goal when someone thanks me for saving them.