Life Goals and Achievements Essay

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ” Walt Disney I have never taken the time to think about what I wanted to be.

This is not until I was about 7th grade. I realized that I wanted to be a successful person. I want to be known for achieving my goals.

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After hearing all the great stories of how people are changing the world every day, I have been inspired to be one of them. Looking at their faces and how proud they look and what they accomplished warms my heart. I hope that someday I will have that face and memory to look back on.Maybe I’ll even be able to tell the story to my grandkids. The quote by Walt Disney states that if you have a dream, it will come true as long as you have the courage to make them possible. Everyone wants to leave behind a legacy.

Not just any legacy but a good legacy. A legacy could be for their high school career. It also could be a legacy that they leave for when they retire from their job. Perhaps a legacy left for when they leave to join the man upstairs. Their legacy could be anything, but it reflects on them and their actions.

As for me, I hope that my legacy that I leave behind is the loving, humble, intelligent woman who always thinks about others before herself. My dream is to someday join the United States Air Force. Every day someone around the world risks their life just for us.

They not only care about themselves but also about the country. To me, that takes a whole lot of courage to do. They fought for us with no hesitation as to the consequences that would occur. Could you imagine how they feel knowing that they can’t just go to the mall on a Saturday afternoon?They can’t enjoy the ability of being able to take a nap after a hard day’s work. They have a duty and they are 110% committed to it and I’m willing to commit as well! So far in my high school career, I’ve tried my hardest to do exceedingly well in my academics. The Air Force consists of a lot of requirements. Especially if you want to pursue in the health area like I wish to do.

To meet those requirements it takes dedication. I know if I do slack in high school, without a doubt I will slack when I get accepted into the Air Force.So far I’ve been earning between a 3. 2-3. 8 GPA average and let me tell you, it is hard work! But I know in the end it will all pay off once I get that first paycheck. I believe that academics are important, but athletics are also a significant part of life. I have been participating in cross country and softball since I first entered high school as a freshman.

The sports keep me in shape and also help me keep my grades up. If you don’t get good grades then there is no athletics. To be able to participate in any athletic event, you must obtain a 2. average. I guess you can say I am on the right track.

I’ve also participated in NJROTC. Even though it’s a JROTC program for the Navy, it still teaches you leadership skills. I was able to experience the feeling of being yelled at. I had the responsibility of wearing my uniform and making sure I wore it properly and proudly. It helped me a lot to realize that this is only half of it. It’s no way near what happens in the Air Force. It’s the real deal for them! But even though, I’m still willing to take that leap and pursue my dream.

To help me reach my goal or dream, I plan on going into the United States Air Force Academy. That way I can go to college as well as learn about the Air Force at the same time. The USAFA has higher requirements than any other college. For example, you have to have a senator’s recommendation letter. But that’s where I hope to go.

The benefits will be that I’ll be able to learn the medical field, specifically a critical health nurse while I’m in the academy. I’ll also experience being bossed around and independent responsibility.If I don’t get accepted into the United States Air Force Academy, the backup plan is to go to another college on scholarship from cross country or softball that has the Air Force ROTC included. I know it is a lot of hard work, but I plan on working hard to achieve it because it’s something I want.

It’s not anything that you can buy, or can just be given to you. You have to earn it. You have to work for it. You have to appreciate it. It’s my dream and I for damn sure believe I can prove to everyone that dreams do come true.

With a little help from my family, friends, teachers, and the man upstairs I know it’s possible.