Life Is Not Fair! Essay

Once a man called by the name of Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft, stated 11 rules at a high school that students will never learn in school. One of the rules that I have had experience with is rule number one, “Life is not fair”. I could not agree with this quote any more! The bigger picture behind this quote is that life is not what you expect of it. People make life unfair by making or throwing a fit of the challenges being thrown at you in life.

Everybody in this world eventually faces and learns, how life is not fair! I learned this rule a few years back in 6th grade at A. K. S. We took a test in my math class taught by Mrs. Field. The past three days before that I had been working and studying my butt off for passing that math test. While this kid that had been sitting next to me had been goofing off for the past three days. As the test results came in I found out, I did not pass and the kid goofing off next to me had passed.

I was swarming with frustration and confusion! Only thing that was going through my head was How the heck did he pass and I fail! Even though I had failed that math test, I learned a valuable lesson that day of “Life is not fair”. Overall we expect to much of life. We see life through rose colored glasses. There exist good and bad in life. We should take the bad and make in into good. Life is unfair, deal with it!