Life of Pi Essay

When life throws obstacles in one’s direction, one must grow and adapt to survive. Pi Patel and Chuck Nolan provide good examples of growing and adapting in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi and the movie Castaway produced by Robert Zemeck. It is shown through these characters by, chuck and pi learning how to find a new source of food, having to create an imaginary figure to stay sane, and both found a will to survive. * Chuck Nolan and Pi Patel both find themselves stranded on an island without a steady source of food, it is for this reason that they both must learn to hunt for their own food.

* When Pi Patel is telling the real story of what happened at sea, he tells the Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Chiba,  “His heart was a struggle-all those tubes that connected it. I managed to get it out. It tasted delicious, far better than turtle. I ate his liver. I cut off great pieces of his flesh.” (345)

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* In this quote we learn that Pi converts from a vegetarian to a carnivore after he eats turtle, and then also to cannibalism after eating the cook.

* This relates to the topic to growth and adapting because Pi is forced to go against what he has been taught and has to convert from being a full vegetarian to eating a turtle and human organs to keep himself alive.

* When Chuck Nolan realizes that he no longer has a continuous source of food he learns he is going to have to hunt.

Around the middle of the film we are shown a scene where Chuck attempt to throw a stick at a fish in the water but misses, after time we see that when chuck throws the stick he connects with the fish, after much practice he gains hunting skills.

* This links back to adapting and growth because early on we see that
chuck has no hunting skills and he seemed to be hopeless, but after much

practice he learns to develop these skills in order to survive.

* Although Chuck and Pi adapt well in this situation, they are forced to adapt to their surroundings on many other occasions.

* Both Pi and Chuck are forced to adapt when they create imaginary figures to keep themselves sane. At the end of the novel, we learn that Pi patel has been imagining his animal friends while at sea. When talking to the scientists, Pi says,

“So tell me, since it makes no factual difference to you and you can’t prove the question either way, which story do you prefer? Which is the better story, the story with the animals or the story with-out animals?” (352)

* In this quote we learn that Pi Patel had actually created the story with the animals up, in order to accept the death of his family.

* This relates to adapting and growth because Pi is in great shock after the sinking of the ship, so in order to adapt to the situation he creates a story where animals play the parts of the survivors.

* Where Pi uses his imagination to survive, Chuck finds himself in a very similar situation.

* Chuck Noland becomes attached to a volleyball that he names Wilson after the logo. Towards the end of the movie Chuck’s attachment to the volleyball becomes very obvious. Chuck throws the Wilson into the sea, he then frantically goes looking for the volleyball. After finding Wilson, Chuck apologizes to the ball and they become friends again.

* In this scene we learn that Chuck believes that Wilson is alive and he gives an inatimate object, humanlike characteristics.

* This shows how he has adapted and grown because in order for him to keep sane and adapt to the fact the he is stranded on an island, he creates someone that he can talk to and share his feelings with.

* When Pi and Chuck face huge obstacles in life such as this, much more adaptation and growth is necessary if one hopes to stay alive.

* Another situation where Pi and Chuck display signs of growth and adaptation is when they both use someone they care about to give them a reason to stay alive. This shows that they have a will to survive.

* Nearing the end of the novel, Pi patel shows us how much Richard Parker really means to him. He says, “I love you, Richard Parker. If I didn’t have you niw, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think I would make it. No, I wouldn’t. I would die og hopelessness. Don’t give up Richard Parker, don’t give up. “ (262)

* In this quote we learn jus how much of an effect Richard Parker has on Pi. He tells Richard Parker that he would not be able to live without him.

* This is a good example of growth and adapting because Pi finds a way to survive. He adapts to the situation and keeps himself alive, by loving this alter ego he had created of himself.

* Pi and Chuck are in a similar predicament. It would make sense that Chuck also uses someone to keep him alive and give him the will to survive.

Goulbourne 6
* Throuought the entire film, Chuck finds himself gazing at the picture of his girlfriend that he so desperately saved in the plane crash.

The plane starts to spin out of control, and there is limited oxygen. As Chuck liftts the oxygen mask over his face he then sees the picture of his girlfriend still in his seat. Risking his life Chuck takes the mask off and grabs the picture before impact.

* Chuck shows us that, even when his life is at stake, he will do whatever is neccesary to always have a piece of his girlfriend nearby.

* This relates well to the topic of growth and adaptation because Chuck finds himself on an in-habitated island with no way of getting home. He adapts by using his girlfriend as motivation to survive. More than anything he just wanted to be able to see her again one day.