Life Of Pi Essay

Just before Pi talks about the Tsunami sinking, the narrator describes visiting the adult Pi at his home in Canada and meeting his family. Pip’s daughter, ash, carries an orange cat. HTH moment shows the reader that the end of the story, if not happy, will not be a complete tragedy, since Pi is guaranteed to survive the wreckage. As the Tsunami sink Chinese crewmen give Pi a lifetime with an orange whistle; on the boat, he if ends an orange lifebuoy. In this part of the book it shows how the color orange is a sys mambo of arrival, both the lifetime and the lifebuoy are used so that you don’t drown at sea.

While on the lifeboat Pi encounters Orange Juice, an orangutan that provides measure of emotional support that helps Pi maintain hope in the face of horror FCC tragedy. This color orange in the book has a greater meaning than just a color, it reaper sent hope of survival and a reason to want to survive. The Algae Island represents represents Pip’s religious beliefs. Up until he reach the island, Pi does not choose a specific religion he just wants to “love God. ” When he is on the lifeboat, Pi treats all religions equally.

Vishnu preserve me, Allah pro etc me, Christ save me,” he screams when his life is in danger. But on the island, he a abandons Christianity and Hinduism, seeing only Islam: “As my heart exalted Allah, my mind began to take in information about Allah ‘s works. ” In the survival manual it tell Is Pi to look for green, and that happens to be the Algae Island, “In fact, it was color phyla heaven. A green to outshine food coloring and flashing neon lights. A green t o get drunk on. ” In other words it was too hard to believe like some of religion’s belie beef. Also, Pi tells us, “It is the color of Islam.

It is my favorite color,” which he is directly reel eating it with his religion, while also letting us know it is exactly what he wanted to see, “To take in green, after so much blue, was like music to my eyes. ” The island that is full of green, the color of Islam, shows Pip’s deep love for his religious beliefs. Richard Parker symbolizes Pip’s most annalistic instincts. Out on the lifeboat, must perform many actions to stay alive that he would have found managing able and disturbing in his normal life. Even though he is a vegetarian, he must kill fish a ND eat their flesh.

As time progresses, he becomes more brutish about it, tearing pap art birds and desperately stuffing them in his mouth, the way Richard Parker does. Aft re Richard Parker mauls the blind Frenchman, Pi uses the man’s flesh for bait and even e tats some of it, becoming cannibalistic in his relentless hunger. In his second story to the Japanese investigators, Pi is Richard Parker. He kills his mother’s murderer. Pa reek is the version of himself that Pi has invented to make his story more palatable, both to himself and to his audience.