Life over the Next Five Years Essay

Five years from now, my life will be incredibly different because I will have graduated from college, become a juvenile probation officer, will be married, and living in my dream house! All of these life changes will take a lot of time and effort. To graduate from college, I will have to attend classes regularly, study every day, and ask for help when needed. I am in a school program called TRIO, which is for first generation college students. In this TRIO program they require you to attend seminars that teach and help with study habits, note taking skills, test taking skills, help with FAFSA loans, help with direct loans, and much more.

I also have monthly meetings with my counselor to go over my progress. Another step I take to receive help is tutoring. I meet with a tutor that helps me in all areas and subjects, mainly with organization and time management. I meet my tutor for an hour a day, three days a week. I need accountability but mainly I need to work hard to maintain a good grade point average. Right now I am very focused at obtaining my bachelor degree in the criminal justice field. College is something I intend to complete, and do so with good grades.

Having good grades betters my chances of becoming a juvenile probation officer, therefore I will do whatever it takes. If it takes me six years to complete a four year degree, then so be it. When I am done with college the hard work will continue. Getting my degree is just the first of many steps involved for building my future. Before I start applying for a job with Department Of Corrections I will build a professional resume. This resume is something I have already started to put together with the help of my counselor.My resume will have reference letters from teachers of mine, school records with my grades, academic achievements, skills related to the job, and a list of reasons that I believe are necessary for the job. I should not have any problems starting this career if I work hard and gain the skills necessary.

Being a juvenile probation officer is something I have wanted to do for almost nine years now. When I was young I had no respect for the law in general. I can relate to many of the problems that troubled kids face because I have been there and done that. I was on probation for about ten years of my life. I grew up in a bad situation.I lived in a huge apartment complex in downtown Seattle with trouble all around.

My mom was single and raising me with no help from my dad. It was easy for me to fall into peer pressure and cause trouble. Well I believe that trouble was what helped me get to where I am today. There was a certain probation officer of mine, who stuck his neck out for me and I will never forget it. This was something that did not happen, nobody stuck there neck out for me ever. I want to be able to stick my neck out for a kid that just needs some help and a friend.

That why becoming a probation officer is so important to me.I feel one must lead by example. I would say that getting married and staying married also requires daily hard work.

My fiance Cassandra and I will have to work hard to support each other no matter the circumstance. For instance, when I quit smoking cigarettes I was grumpy, snappy, and not nice at all, but she just put up with me and encouraged me the whole time. Putting up with me alone takes love and commitment. We have lived together for two years now and things could not be better. We both help equally around the house, well honestly she does more around the house, but I am not going to tell her that!We enjoy each other’s company on a daily bases and have fun when we are together. Cassandra and I have known each other for almost six years. She has seen me at my worst, and my best, and has always remained my friend.

She supports, and pushes me more than anyone I know. I love her for that. I am fortunate that I have such a wonderful fiance. We rarely argue and when we do we come to a common ground quickly. I also know when to leave her be and vice versa. I think that as long as we support and understand each other we will have a long and happy marriage.

Owning my dream house is something I have dreamed about since I was a kid. I have been putting away a serious amount of money so that I can have this house. This dream house will be one that I own and pay mortgage. I want a two story, split-level house with two bedrooms upstairs, two bedrooms downstairs, and two and a half bathrooms as well. Upstairs I want one master bedroom with a bathroom attached, and one regular sized bedroom. There will be a full size living room, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen upstairs as well. Downstairs I will have two full size bedrooms, a bathroom, and a rec room.

The interior look of my house will be designed by my wife. I am not sure exactly what she has in mind but I trust that she will do great. As for the exterior, I will be taking care of that. I want enough land to build a shop that is every man’s dream.

My yard will be completely fenced in so my dog can run free without causing trouble in the neighborhood. I want deck coming off the upper level of the house that stretches down and around the back of the house. Also a fifteen by fifteen covered gazebo with a fire pit/barbeque. Also if my wife would like a garden she will get that too.I believe in putting my own sweat equity to build the value of the house. I will have achieved more in the next five years than in the past fifteen. I will have graduated college with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice, pursuing my goal toward becoming a juvenile probation officer for South King County, and happily married to Cassandra living in my dream house.

I have made many sacrifices to get to this point, and they have not always been easy. Five years from now I will be astonished, and overly happy with the changes that have occurred due to hard work and continued effort.