Lil an outcast.All of these examples show

Lil Wayne’s famous words, “I’m probably in the sky, flying with fishes, or maybe in the ocean, swimming with pigeons, see my world is different.” Similar to Lil Wayne, Tim Burton had a unique life which gave him the status he has today. Tim Burton is a world renown director and filmmaker responsible for many great films such as Charlie and the chocolate factory, the corpse bride, and Edward Scissorhands. Tim Burton uses camera angle and lighting in order to demonstrate a feeling of loneliness in his viewers and communicate an overall theme of being an outsider and failing to fit in.Tim Burton uses camera angle to illustrate the mood and theme of being an outsider in his films.He uses close up shots to resonate with his audience that a deep emotion or personal connection with the character is being made. This technique is used in Edward Scissorhands when Edward sees a picture of Kim for the first time, the camera stops and zooms into his face. This shows a forbidden love that he shares with Kim. A similar technique is used in The Corpse Bride when Victor meets Victoria for the first time. Although their marriage is forceful they still share a connection and could develop their love in the future. In Charlie and the chocolate factory, when Willy Wonka is questioned about his father there is a close-up shot of his face. This expresses a painful memory he had as a child which forced him to become an outcast.All of these examples show how the protagonists in his films have dealt with deep emotions in there past that made them outcasts. These emotions are the closest thing that his protagonists will achieve towards becoming normal.Tim Burton uses lighting to illustrate the mood and theme of being an outsider in his films. People often refer to Burton’s trademark as dark and creepy which he does through low key lighting. An example of this is in Edward Scissorhands how the entire neighborhood is enriched with vibrant colors while just down the street Edwards mansion is pale consisting of only black and white. This expresses how Edward is an outcast even though he lives in the same neighborhood as everyone else. The opposite of this occurs in Charlie and the chocolate factory. The protagonist’s town is depressing and gloomy while Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory has vibrant colors. Although Willy Wonka has the vibrant colors it still makes him an outcast to the rest of the society. Lastly, In The Corpse Bride Victor was in a gloomy town with low light and when he entered the underworld bright colors emerged from it. The irony of the underworld being colorful shows the isolation that Victor was in. These examples show that the protagonists in his films