Lisseth myself the task of seeing what structures

Lisseth Zhagui

Internship Final Paper

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Internet Marketing and Online Shopping


one of the phenomena that has transformed the world the most in terms of
information transport is the Internet. This has not only stimulated a massive
demand for technological products but has also generated a global economic impact,
it has been clearly seen that companies can not ignore their potential in the
face of market influence, because they have become one of the greatest
presenters of goods and services to consumers of all ages and genders. Behind
every human act there is a myriad of agents of choice, which can not be modeled
by neoclassical theory, since it symbolizes man as being completely rational
and far from any sentimental manifestation, I have set myself the task of
seeing what structures govern the “cybernetic market,”

Internet claims what every capitalist company wants, a maximization of its
benefits and the possibility of growing and popularizing more and more. In
order to achieve its objective to expand it must increase its percentage in the
market and increase its sales of products. Nowadays, every product that a
consumer is looking for can be found on the internet pages, from food,
clothing, appliances, to cleaning, beauty and education services. We could say
that this is a market of information where we can, through texts, images,
videos and other communication materials, market products with just a message
and a credit card. One of the most popular sites where these sales are made is
the so-called “free market”, this is all kinds of product offerings that are in
demand and that await a purchase commitment (ie. ebay).

The past
semester interning at Occasion Brands has taught me the importance of Internet
Marketing for any type of business. The purpose of the marketing team is to
work to its full potential in order to try to attract and have consumers want
to purchase offered goods and services. The world relies so much on technology and
the internet which is why internet marketing may be beneficial and drive up
revenue for any businesses. Internet marketing can also be classified as
digital marketing, or e-marketing, they all entail the same job description. By
taking this approach this has allowed firms to become more known and create a
bigger presence. I can not stress enough about how important this platform is
to any business. Millennial’s are the group of people that firms wish to
target, because they have a huge influence on the success of a company.

          Let us take a step back and analyze both main factors that
have made it possible for firms to reach their market. Marketing has been a
tactic that has been used to promote and execute the company’s product/service
available.  Marketing is describes as ”
organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and
delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships benefitting
the organization and its stake holders” (Kotler & Keller, 2006).  The marketing team focuses on being the
bridge between what customers want and what is in the company’s best approach
to meeting the customer’s standards. Marketing tactics and strategies will
determine the success of the product and how they will carry out the name of
the company. Every company has different ways of approaching and reaching out
to their customers. It is easy to note what companies have successfully used
their marketing team to reach their consumers and who has a presence on the
internet. The relevance of marketing is so important to the company; the
business world has developed numerous ways of implementing different ways to
reach their audience. Direct marketing, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, and
promotion are just a few strategies to name. However, if you look at most of
these tactics they are all carried out through devices that require access to
the internet. So everything is intertwined.

            The internet can be looked at as a huge spider web where
it connects thousands of networks. It can be accessed through a variation of
appliances which has opened doors and created and opportunities for many
businesses and those who are smart enough will take this and run with it. The
execution of online activities to reach targeted consumers can be beneficial in
so many ways to the company, especially to those who work on targeted all the
millenials. Nearly everyone has access to the internet whether it be from a
handheld device, work computer, or even at school. The internet can not be
escaped and most importantly the service is free. The internet itself is a
powerful tool that can be utilized to nearly find and search for anything that
you may ever need. Consumer behavior has changed drastically when online
shopping became to be where their preferences became to shop from home.  An article found on Harvard’s Business Review
described as online shopping as a digital retailing that will only become
bigger and better. “Within five years, much of it will be ubiquitous. But what
seems like a dream come true for the shopper—an abundance of information,
near-perfect price transparency, a parade of special deals—is already feeling
more like a nightmare for many retailers” (Rigby, 2011). Posing a huge threat
on brick and mortar stores. Consumers and users find immense amounts of interests
in anything that will facilitate life. Which is why online shopping has the
potential to put store fronts out of business. These store front will have to
try and keep up with the e-commerce world.

            Just like online shopping has its positives
and may seem like the better options it also comes bearing obstacles that can
cause uneasiness amongst both the producer and consumer. When purchasing a
product in these sites runs the risk of presenting problems associated with
incomplete information. One of these problems is called “adverse selection”
that is characterized because the buyer can not observe some basic
specifications of the good at the time of the exchange, and this may lead to
the quality of the product being overestimated, in order to sell them at the
highest possible price, which has unfavorable consequences for buyers and
sellers. good sellers. This is reflected daily in the purchases made on the
internet where there is no direct interaction with the product and it is very
common to observe the growing dissatisfactions in consumers, the
discriminations towards the bidders and subsequently a loss for the agents who
wish to sell good quality products.