Literature – Azreen and Asraf ( The Curse) Essay

She also did not trust the words of the rumor- mongering pan. Normal, when she claims the village to be cursed, because apparently, Madrid shed white blood when she died. In my opinion, Careen is smart and wise in the sense that she does not buy unverified and ridiculous gossip. Meanwhile, Sara, even though he is a teacher, portrays a very unwise character in the story. Through the bumpy course of the story, as a reader, I have witnessed numerous occasions on which Sara displayed belief in the rumors spread by the villagers regarding the Old Lady and the ones circulating Madhouse’s death.

He somehow believes the things said by Pan. Normal, regarding Madhouse’s death, when he meets Careen that one morning at the market. The same can be said when he needed help from the Old Lady to cure his sickly grandmother. In the story, Sara hesitated before he asked for her help. This hesitation shows that he believed the rumors and was therefore, fearing backlash that would be upon him from the ignorant villagers. In my opinion, as a reader, he should not subject himself to believe such malicious lies when his profession is a teacher teaching Mathematics, a profession which demands rational thinking.

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