Little Red Friendly Electronic Essay

            The digital world had come into existence several decades ago and has evolved just the way humans did. Several additions had paved the way for people to fully reap the benefits of modernity and no one clearly could stay away from it. It was in the cold month of December in the year 2007 when my little red friendly electronic buddy was born. Every day, as I carry out my tasks and pass through the events of my day, I really feel the presence of my laptop, whom I wish to call [name here[A1] ]. My laptop is a red Dell Inspiron with the model number [provide the model number here]. It portrayed the friend that I needed and even provided me with an extra hand in almost everything that I have to do especially with school work, which is the main purpose for which I bought it.            The laptop that I own is well kept and has its special nook in my desk. The ease and security that my desk provides renders it to be the most suitable place for me to keep my laptop.

I had to make sure that it is kept in a flat surface without any direct sunlight. I make sure that I am able to follow everything that is provided in the laptop manual that came with it when I first bought it. It is indicated that it should not be placed under direct sunlight and moisture that is why I do not place it in areas where the sun seeps in my room.            Likewise, it receives regular cleaning according to the instructions provided. I wipe it with a soft clean cloth when it is turned off and use a small vacuum intended for the keyboard of the laptop to take out small particles and dust from beneath it where it has become hard to reach using only a cloth. Aside from cleaning, I make sure that I follow the recommended safety tips provided such as that which concerns plugging the laptop charger, battery care, and others.            As mentioned earlier, my red laptop was purchased in December of last year and it is pretty much brand new for me.

Through the dell catalog, I was able to place an order and received the laptop, which I earnestly waited for. Aside from the fact that it is in the color which I really like, it gives me a sense of companionship especially with the things that I have to do in school. It lets me browse online for different websites for purpose of completing academic activities, connecting with my other friends, checking my electronic mail, and browsing through the internet to find out about the latest news or trend in my favorite hobby.

            Likewise, I also visit the account that I maintain in where I am able to connect with my other friends. It serves as a social community through which I also read and learn about other things. Most of my special moments capture in pictures and videos are uploaded into my site and my friends are kept up to date with the things I keep myself busy with lately. Even the craziest moments are placed there to provide me with a laugh or two during the times when I needed it the most. I consider these pictures to be the proof of my existence and of a way of preserving the memories in my life which could not be repeated despite my willingness to do so.

In such endeavor, my laptop enables me to take everything from organization, compilation, and storage of my memories. There is no second left out for me to miss out and when I have this feeling of wanting to go back to a few days in my life, I simply had to open my laptop and go back to the particular album where I stored it.            With the different tools it provides me in this digital world, it has become better for me to show the things that I am able to do with my laptop now. It certainly has important roles in my life and it will always be that way for me. Its portability and user-friendliness keeps me falling in love with it everyday. This is especially true with the different things it allows me to do such as visit my social networking sites, check my email, and complete school-related tasks.

Definitely, this will be the electronic friend that I could ever need.[A1]If you can not think of a name, you may wish to omit the phrase [whom I wish to call] and instead of a comma, place a period.