Live Love Laugh Lesson Essay

Metaphor-?Figure of speech that compares n. Wow unlike things without using t he comparison words of “like” or “as. ‘ ; Example: My bedroom is a pigpen, dirty and smelly but home sweet home. 4. Imagery-?Any descriptive words that appeal to any one of the senses: sight, s mound, taste, touch, or smell. Example: The walls, once sky blue, are a muted gray like a dreary day. The car pet, once pristine and soft, looks more like an old winter snow piled high on the is De of the road. It is the perfect place for piling my laundry-?both clean and dirty.

My be d is my sanctuary, the sheets soft like a puppy’s ear, and the pillow cushy like a cloud on a summer’s day. The air in the room reminds me of the beach and the gym, alt Hough my mom says, mostly, it smells like the gym. It has changed over time, and it is far from clean and organized, but it is the place that fits me perfectly. 5. Apostrophe-?Figure of speech that directly addresses or speaks to an abstract t quality, a nonhuman, or an individual that is not present. ; Example: ‘Carpet, you have lost your comfort and cleanliness.

I hear whispers Of wood floors coming to replace you. ” 6. Hyperbole-?Figure of speech that uses exaggeration for effect. ; Example: My dad says he needs to bring in a bulldozer to plow through the pill sees of laundry on my floor. 7. Onomatopoeia-?Figure of speech in which the sound of the word correspond s to its meaning. Example: Shoving one more thing in my closet and rapidly closing the door, I hear several things go “Crash! ” and remind myself not to open the door again for a while. 8. Alliteration-?Repetition of initial consonant sounds.

Example: I fear the mold that may be manifesting itself in the musty corners o f my room. 9. Assonance-?Repetition of vowel sounds (short or long sounds) within words. ; Example: Take note of the long “e” sound used in the following lines. Close my eyes and pretend that cannot see the dirt and dust looking back at me. 10. Consonance-?Repetition of consonant sounds at the end of words. ; Example: I just may have bugs in the rugs. 11. Understatement-?Figure of speech that makes something seem less import NT or serious to emphasize the opposite. Example: It will only take me TV’0 seconds to clean my room. 12. Rhyme-?a correspondence of sounds, occurring typically at the ends of words. Rhyme scheme is described through the use of letters; for example, ABA would indict ate that the first and fourth lines rhyme with each other and the second and third line s rhyme with each other. ; Example: must confess My room is a mess 13. Rhythm-?The flow or ‘beat” of a poem or a passage; it can be slow, fast, or alternating and it helps to create a mood. Must confess,