Living in a Small Town Is Better Than in a Big City Essay

Living in a small town is better than in a big city I am not an adaptable and ambitious person. I don’t like challenges. I like to stay in a comfortable place surrounded by the people I know and enjoy my life. According to my characters, living in a small town will be the best option for me. I find there are many reasons why I choose to live in a small town. I can form a truly deep friendship in a small town.The type of friendship that wasn’t form based on social status, but based on the character.

Friends that I can depend on in times of need. Besides that, there aren’t many people live in a small town. Mostly people who live in a small town know each other. They are more friendly and care to others. Small towns give me the opportunity of receiving help when I need it. The other reason is about the nature.

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The environment in the small town is great.It is away from traffic jams,the noise and air pollution. I can enjoy the fresh air, clean water, and green scenery.

Living in the small town is cheaper in many aspects. The cost to purchase a house or start a business in the small town are cheaper if I compare to a big city. The property taxes and the price of basic daily needs are also cheap. In conclusion, I feel there are many advantages I can get by living in the small town. I can live healthily and happily in a small town.