Long Live Paper Essay

Before I say anything, I’d like to do a little survey. How many of you have an ipad or an e-reader? Do you prefer reading on the ipad or reading a paper book? A couple of weeks ago I read an article on the New York Times website, it is called “Long Live Paper” written by Justin B. Hollander. The argumentation of the author was aroused by the US Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s declaration of “Over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete. but According to the author; good old paper has been the foundation for one of the great educational systems on the planet. And while e-readers and multimedia may seem appealing; the idea of replacing an effective learning platform with a widely hyped but still unproven one is extremely dangerous. First of all, Internet reading, in particular, could be such a source of distractions for the student that they may cancel out most other potential benefits of a Web-linked, e-learning environment.

In addition, even though lightweight e-books benefit students’ backs, the astounding costs to outfit every student with an e-reader and pay for regular software updates promise to make the e-textbook a very pricey option. From the author’s perspective, we shouldn’t jump at a new technology simply because it has advantages, only time and study will reveal its disadvantages and show the value of what we’ve left behind. I was thrilled to read words that voiced my very thoughts. Paper textbooks can be stored and easily referenced on a shelf.

Data are as easy to retrieve from paper as reaching across your desk for a textbook. They are easy to read and don’t require a battery or plug. Though the iPad and e-readers have increasingly better screen clarity, the idea that every time a person reads a book, newspaper or magazine in the near future they will require an energy source is frightening. As for me, I started buying more and more books half a year ago, I feel that I can’t study if the material is not printed out, I can remember stuff much better if I write it down by hand instead of typing it on the computer.

I certainly AM a computer person (I use the computer everyday), but I can’t really imagine having EVERYTHING digital at the moment. In the highly digitalized society, a lot of us have iPads and e-readers and a lot of our assignments are done in digital formats. It seems that paper documents can be replaced for most of the times. But really, think about this: can paper be completely replaced in this digital world? Can you really go paperless? Are you willing to go paperless?