Enforcement Losing the War on Drugs Essay

The article, Losing Battle Against Drugs, is true. I agree with the article that the regulation of drugs into America is impossible to manage. You can spend millions and billions of dollars to decrease the drug trafficking but drugs are going to find another way into the country. For most people that are into drugs such as selling them I can see why they would want too. Its obvious that it is against the law but if you can get away with it, you would have a lot of money in your pocket. A quote that holds true to that statement would be:

Another reason that the drug trade continues to flourish is that it is so lucrative (Boozer, 1999).. At least one group of distributors in a case before me sold 37,500 kilos of cocaine a month, for gross sales of almost 20 million a month. (Judge Sweet) What it comes down to is money, which the article emphasizes. I agree with the article, people that sell drugs do not care who they are selling it to whether it be kids, teenagers, or adults, those individuals just care about the income their getting.

An article that agrees with my opinion, besides the article from the Essays book, about money being the reason why were losing the battle against drugs was written in USA TODAY. Ironically the headline was U. S. Law Enforcement Losing the War on Drugs. The quote taken from USA TODAY is: Street prices for heroin and cocaine are at a record lows and purity for both drugs is at record highs. This reveals traffickers are flourishing and continuing to discount the risks they face from law enforcement.

Shockingly, heroin and marijuana have never een easier for teen-agers to get, and crack cocaine is now easier to get than at any point in this decade (Sterling, 1999) That just makes my point; drugs are going to make it into America because people want to sell it for profit. Even when prices for drugs are low, there are people still buying them. That is why were never going to be able to get rid of drug trafficking. Sellers dont care whom they sell it too, it just matters if their wallets are getting filled. Cocaine is such a profitable drug to sell and in the article from USA TODAY, it says it has been easier to get at any point in this decade.