Love. the bees she longed for. This exquisite

     Love. Janie would learn to
compel love from marriage like the moon the night. It was just so.  With this thought, she envisaged herself soon
singing with the bees she longed for. This exquisite singing she knew and lust
after had nothing to do with her ears. 
It was the inaudible voice of it all that sung deeply to her soul. Janie
felt comforted at this thought. The singing bees had finally come for her
through Logan Killicks… and his often-mentioned sixty acres of land. She smiled
now, she wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

special day soon came before long, and Nanny and Mrs. Washburn had seen to a
wedding full of bounty with a ceremony even more so. In Nanny’s parlor, a banquet
of four pear pies and immense platters of fried chicken had been devoured. Anything
and everything to be eaten in abundance. But shockingly, nobody thought to put
anything in Logan’s musty wagon to make it ride memorable for the two who just wedded.
Sadly, the road was long and feverish and lonesome for Janie. She craved for
the sweetly honeyed blossoms to bloom and sing to her soon.

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“Logan,” Janie said with blissful hope as they reached his lonesome
house. “Ah reckon ah married to you now. Ah wuz thinkin’ we oughta do somethin’
special dis night. You heah me?” To which a startled Logan looking completely
indifferent and confused replied, “Why?” 

 “Cuz dis
is de time Ah want tuh know yo’. Yuh is mah husband after all. Is yuh tellin me
Ah is de only one who care ‘nough over heah? Umph!”  

“Naw stap dat fussin’ now. Yuh better sense Ah
been busy wid yo’ dis ‘hole ‘ntire day and Ah ain’t git a lick of work finish.
Yuh stay heah while Ah go chop all dem wood and keep ’em water buckets full. Ah
see yuh t’morrow mornin’ ‘aight. G’bye.” He got up abruptly without any warning
and made his way out towards the back, leaving a very perplexed and
heavy-hearted Janie all alone who could hear the singing humming bees she
craved, slowly and sadly apparate into the lonesome and cold oblivion of the
harsh night.

still had hope for love to stop by and say hello. So as soon at dawn hit
Janie’s dusty dingy window, she sought out to find Logan who had previously
abandoned her the night before. Leaving her fragile naïve heart completely
crushed and her soul even more so.  Out
of the corner of her eye, Janie saw him emerge from the west barn with a blank
expression, carrying two very jam-packed buckets of pristine milk. With a deep
breath and head high, she made her way towards him, this time hoping for the
kissing bees to shadow her. 

“Ah see yuh is up real early dis fine morning,
did yuh finish all dat work of yo’ from de night? said Janie attempting her
finest to start a conversation with the unwelcoming man she now knew as her

“Uh Ah already haul de wood heah and chop it
fuh yuh all de way, and Ah milk dem cows fuh yo’ milk. Yuh oughta be able to do
somethin’ ’round heah ‘sides just standin’ over heah lookin’ at Ah.” Logan
fired back while rolling his ancient eyes, deeply irritated because Janie was
wasting his precious time during harvest season, which was far dearer to him
rather than the young girl in tears wobbling in front of his eyes.

Ashamed by the tears that coated her sorrowful
eyes, Janie swiftly replied, “Ah is so sorry Mist’ Killicks, Ah oughta go back
in de kitch’n and start preparin’ breakfast. Yuh ain’t mind carryin’ some of
dat milk in heah? Cuz Ah know it too heavy for Ah to bring inside de house.”

“If I be able to haul all dat milk heah, yuh
oughta be able to tote it all inside. Ah reckon yuh is mighty spoiled cuz yuh
ain’t even do dat much ’round heah.” Said Logan quite harshly as he hurried
back to his harvest fields. Leaving the two heavy buckets of fresh milk at the
Janie’s feeble feet. Once again, poor Janie was left alone questioning where
was the sweet love of marriage, and if love ever did plan of stopping by.

the weeks grudgingly passed by, Janie experienced little to no positive change
at all in her interactions and personal relationship with her guarded unloving husband.
Slowly, she began to lose faith that she would ever come to love Logan Killicks,
especially after the harsh words he flung at her the other cold night.

“Why ain’t Ah ever see yuh do somethin’ good?
Yuh so spoiled rotten Ah know you ain’t know nothin’ at all. Mah fust wife
ain’t never do nothin’ wrong, saint she was unlike yuh. Ah shoulda never gotten
hitched to yuh Ah swear. Reckon Ah made a huge mistake choosin’ yuh!” roared
Logan releasing all his damn of anger and fury.

cruel words had left poor Janie sobbing in never ending tears. Her once happy
heart now heavy and shattered deeply. Her mind completely bewildered as to what
had gone wrong in all of these weeks. Where was her true unconditional love
Janie was promised? At that moment, she had never longed more for the comfort
and peace of her sweet blossoming pear tree in the backyard of her Nanny’s
house. Janie knew she had failed miserably. Since after all, Janie was never able
to compel love from marriage like the moon the night.