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This lack of verbal expression causes problems between the two men because they do not understand each over, when you don’t talk to someone or tell them your feelings than its hard to know what they are expressing or feeling. For example when Marco lifts the chair at the end of act one, Eddie felt that Marco was threatening him but Marco intention was only to warn and remind Eddie that Rodalpho has a brother.

Not all characters feel the same way about Marco as Eddie does though. The best example is Beatrice; Beatrice is probably the most sensible character of all. She does not see Marco as a threat or anything like that because she knows that he is just like Eddie, this is why she does not side with anyone when Eddie tries to give Marco a bad name. Beatrice knows that Marco does not have any bad intentions; he is only trying to look out for his brother. Though at the same time Beatrice knows what Eddie is like, because he is her husband, and has found out what Marco is like and they are both the same, they are both selfish and stubborn.

This whole play, “a view from the bridge”, is based on manliness. It is about peoples views of masculinity and how others fit into this image and differ to it. Hostility and aggression also plays a big part in the play. Hostility and aggression are two very different things. Being hostile or showing open hostility is to only be unfriendly where as showing aggression is to be angry or furious at someone. Rodalpho doesn’t react to the taunts and name-calling. Whenever Eddie becomes hostile towards Rodalpho he tries to compromise, like when he tries to encourage Catherine to talk to Eddie.

Arthur Millers view about hostility and aggression is that it does not solve anything. Often the “real man” is the one who will try to discuss issues and compromise. Whereas Eddie’s view of masculinity relies on hostility and aggression, mainly for power and status, and this is where the link is between “manliness”, “hostility”, and “aggression”. So there is a big difference between the author’s views and the plays protagonist’s views of hostility and aggression.

After reading this essay, Eddie, Marco, and Rodalpho do not sound like they do not have many good qualities, but they all do. Eddie is protective, this is a good thing but sometimes he does become over-protective. Eddie is also a loving man. He had taken Catherine and looked after her, almost all her life, just after her mother’s death. Marco had only come to America so he could make some money to send back to his dieing family in Italy.

Rodalpho is a great guy. Showing your emotions and feelings may sound like what a woman might do but even Arthur Miller said that the real man would discuss his issues and compromise. If you read through the text you don’t hear much about Rodalpho being hardworking, but right in the beginning we were told that Rodalpho’s job in Italy was to push taxis up hills, and they were paid very poorly. So we know that everyone had a good side to them in the play and we heard most of these good qualities at the beginning.