Lucian rest of the bus ride. The rest

Lucian ZapanaMs.KeltonComposition and Literature 25 January 2018Kid     What have I done! My head was stuck in a chair! I couldn’t get my head out no matter how hard I tried. Everyone was trying to do something to get my head out of that dumb chair. Why did I even do this, I asked myself. I saw Patrick staring and giggling at me from the window on the classroom door. Then I remembered why I did it. It was Patrick. It’s all his fault!     5 hours earlier     I woke up like every other day, tired and hungry. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then went back into my room to change. “Jimmy!” I heard my mom yell, “Breakfast’s ready!”     I walked downstairs and sat down at the table. My mom served me pancakes. As I was eating I studied for the test I had in school today. After that I saw the bus in the window. I quickly gathered my stuff and got onto the bus. I sat down in my normal seat, in the left middle row. As I was putting my stuff down I saw a head jump up from the seat in front of me. “Sup loser”     I looked up. It was Dan. Dan is the most annoying kid in the third grade. “What do you want?” I said.”Do you want to make a bet?” He said.I looked at him confused “No, not really”.”Well I bet you won’t eat this worm””Why do you have a worm?””I don’t know, why wouldn’t I have a worm?””Because you’re going to school”.”Are you going to take the bet or not?””No!””You’re such a wimp, you chicken.”     This enraged me. If there was one thing I hated being called a chicken. I completely despise that word. I quickly moved to. A different seat for the rest of the bus ride. The rest of the day went by so slowly. Later in spelling class Dan nudged me. “You know what I dare you to do, I dare you to put your head through that chair.” He said.     I looked at him strangely. “No” I replied. “Why won’t you do it, Huh? Is it because your a chicken?” He said.There goes that word again the one word I hate the most. “Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!” He repeated.”Fine”, I said “I’ll do it”.I quietly get out of my seat and kneeled down under my desk. I squeezed my head through the tiny hole in the middle of the chair. Once I got my head through I immediately regretted it. I tried to pull my head back out but it was stuck! I started to yell until the teacher came over. “Ms. Angela, help me!”      She had a confused look on her face. She called the office and had everyone go outside of the classroom. People from the office came and when they did they had a confused look on their faces. They tried to get me out of the chair. When they were doing that I saw a face jump up behind the window on the door. It was Dan. He had this wicked grin on his face while he looked at me. They finally got me out and I was sent home. When I got home my parents scolded me and then I went to bed.Teacher     I woke up with a headache from my alarm and in a bad mood. I got up anyway and my normal morning routine. I left early to go to get breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts. All I want is a nice, tasty donut and that would fix my morning. I got to the drive in. “Can I have a Boston cream donut”.”Sorry ma’am we’re out of donuts.””What! How? This is Dunkin’ Donuts, how do you run out of donuts!””I can’t respond to that tone ma’am”.”Are you serious! Unbelievable!”     I drove away in an even worse mood. Once I got to the school I work at, I tried to open the door and of course it was locked. I sighed and went back to my car to wait for it to be opened. When the janitor finally got here and he unlocked the door, I went into my classroom and decided to review the teaching curriculum for the next month. While I was doing that I accidentally pressed backspace and the file was deleted. I desperately tried to get it back, but no matter what I did I couldnt get it back. “This is the worst morning ever” I said.      The school day officially began in a half hour. I should get some coffee, I thought to myself. I went to the break room and the coffee machine had an out of order sign on it. Now I was really getting angry. All of the kids got to school were talking so loud. I felt like they could have heard them from down the street. The day, thankfully, went by quickly until last period. I was reviewing the vocab homework and then I heard someone yell my name. It took me a bit to find where it was coming from. I walked over and I saw Jimmy with his head in the chair. I only really had one question. “Why?” I asked.     I called the office and told them what happened. “Wait, what happened?””He put his head in a chair” I replied.”Okay. I’ll send help.”We tried to get him out and when we finally did, I was exhausted. I went home, made dinner, and watched America’s got Talent until 11. I went to bed extremely tired and wondering when summer was.