Lucy Essay

Although the specimens of Au. Afarensis indicated that Lucy’s jaw was rather unlike other hominins, having a more gorilla-like appearance, “Lucy’s pelvis and leg bones clearly show that Au. Afarensis walked as erect as you and I”; also Lucy’s pelvic structure indicates bipedal posture; 6. Identify one of the “modern tools” that is being used to determine the relationship between different related species. Why do anthropologist turn to this tool and not just depend on fossils to formulate hypotheses on human evolution?

One of the modern tool is the molecular evolution. Now students can establish a molecular clock to predict times of divergence for pairs of species without good fossil evidence of ancestry. 7. According to Gould what is the range of years when the “ Ape-Hominid ” split (divergence) occurred? What group of compounds did they base their hypothesis on? The range of years is more than fourteen million years ago. Ramapithecus, an animal… 2446743123136;kfd;ldsn;lgmfdb Gbfvmb. mglashfmASD,;M 21546954131 JKGGOOKLHKJHOLKC;LXNKGAWSOUFDJJSLKJGHFJS;LKC,NWUHFJSMNBVCUHFDSKJCXRUIFJDSKCAGHUJFDISLKC;XAKJDCLXS;ZJDCVFLDC;SJVYIUSFDJKCOIDLKJCSHFU56554564564325323211321321321356564564VC3B132VC132B 1. Origins of Arizona State University, and his team, surveyed Hadar, Ethiopia during the late 1970s for evidence in interpreting Human origins. On November 24, 1974 near the Awash River, Don was planning on updating his field notes but instead one of his students Tom Gray accompanied him to find fossil bones.

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Both of them were on the hot arid plains surveying on the dusty terrain when a fossil caught both their eyes; arm bone fragments on a slope. As they looked further, more and more bones were found, including a jaw, arm bone, a thighbone, ribs, and vertebrae. Both Don and Tom had carefully analyzed the partial skeleton and calculated that an amazing 40% of a hominin skeleton was recovered, which, while sounding generally