According to (Hanaysha, 2016) stated that customer satisfaction can be affected by food quality, price
fairness, and physical environment.

                 But according
to (Saraiva, Cid, & Baiao, 2011) stated that for variables under study in their research the degree of
satisfaction was evaluated taking into account the replies obtained for each
item of the questionnaire and compared the means obtained. There are many
factor can affecting customer satisfaction beside price, food quality, and
environment in another study.

                 Besides food variety,
the quality and taste of the food available at the restaurants was another
factor influencing customer satisfaction from previous dining experience that
emerged from the data. The actual reason for customer satisfaction was because
the quality and taste of the food (the products performance) available at the
restaurants confirmed the customers’ expectation. Delicious or authentic food,
due to fresh ingredients, is an indicator of the quality of the food taste. The
quality of food had influenced customers to revisit the restaurant even though
some of them had to drive 164 long distances to get to the restaurant and had
to pay more for similar types of food to that which was being offered by other

                 The attractive
appearance of the restaurants included beautiful décor with illuminated and
colourful menu photos and different lighting effects. The restaurants’ interior
decoration was another attraction in the meal experience. These elements made
the restaurants look stylish. These restaurants were also
situated close to residential areas. The location was advantageous for both
restaurant and neighbouring residents. The restaurant could get different
groups of potential customers while the neighbourhood residents could easily
dine out due to having a restaurant close by.

                 Elements under this
sub-heading are very likely lead to dis-satisfaction with the customer dining
experience if they are not present rather than necessarily promoting
satisfaction. For instance, a sufficient number of parking spaces at the
restaurants is convenient to customers as it allows the customers to park
easily, even during peak hours.

                 The study by (Yong, chow keng Lok, dickson ong chee siang
tham wai Kuan et al., 2011) found that almost all the restaurant staff wore a uniform. The restaurant
uniform made the staff look presentable and professional and at the same time
created a good image of those restaurants. This study found that customer
satisfaction was achieved when the restaurant was able to provide staff who
could perform beyond the customers’ hopes. There are two generic themes
concerning restaurant staff performance. The first generic theme is the
restaurant staff’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of restaurant products and
services. The second generic theme concerning staff performance was the
restaurant staff’s ability to communicate in different languages. The official
language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu. However, English is a second language,
widely spoken in the business world, and it is a compulsory subject in
Malaysian schools. Therefore, most Malaysians can speak at least Bahasa Melayu,
English and their own ethnic language like Tamil, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay
etc. Speaking the language that the customers understand helps the staff to
understand them better, particularly their needs and requests.

statistics were employed to look at the mean scores to investigate the
influence of attributes toward customer satisfaction. The magnitude of mean
score for all items were shown in Figure 4. Based on the result, the quality of
food is there and accepted by the customers (Rozekhi et al., 2016).